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Soccer Captains All-In for Canterbury
Soccer Captains All-In for Canterbury
Natalie A. Trout

Not only do the three captains of the Canterbury girls' soccer team have a love for playing soccer, they also have a love for Canterbury.

"I came to Canterbury in first grade and never left, because it is such a great experience," said senior Susannah Watson. "I live in North Manchester, which is 45 minutes away, but my parents felt like this school gave me the most opportunities to succeed, so it is worth the drive."

The other captains, Allison Hamilton and Hailey Hobbs, have been at Canterbury since they were two years old. Hamilton said she loves the relationships she has built with her teachers.

"They always encourage me to keep doing my best, and they're always there when I need a hug," she said. "I know other schools don't always get that close relationship between students and teachers, and that's what makes Canterbury so special."

Hamilton agreed that a unique aspect of Canterbury is the relationships students build with teachers. She said the teachers know all of their students and that it creates a great learning environment.

"There's a sense of family here," Hamilton said. "Canterbury has taught me to embrace learning and help one another grow."

At Canterbury, "Each Person Matters." For Watson, it's Canterbury's small size that allows her to see how "Each Person Matters" is a reality at Canterbury every day she is at school.

"We notice when something is wrong with another person, and we know everyone's background story," Watson said. "Nobody is able to be forgotten or ignored in this school."

For Hamilton, "Each Person Matters" is seen through the acceptance and development of different gifts and talents.

"We each bring our own gift to the school," she said. "For every grade, the opportunities provided and the talents we are able to share makes this a special place."

Over the years, the three soccer captains have been making memories. For Hamilton, her favorite Canterbury tradition is the Thanksgiving Feast, and she loves her memories of the boys' soccer team playing for state championships. Hobbs and Watson both love Homecoming week because of the incredible school spirit.

Be it the soccer team, their classes, or even school-wide events, the three captains of the Canterbury girls' soccer team are proud to be a part of such an incredible family.

"We help to build each other up," Hamilton said. "We help each other grow to be the people we were meant to be."

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