Serving in the Dominican
Serving in the Dominican
Natalie A. Trout

Some people might travel to the Dominican Republic for its beaches and palm trees, but a group of Canterbury students are headed to the Dominican in May for a service trip to Los Alcarrizos and Villa Altagracia, two of the poorest suburbs of Santo Domingo. This is the eleventh time a Canterbury group has made the service trip.

"Many students have had a chance to travel abroad, but some have not had the opportunity to experience just how fortunate we are in the United States," said Canterbury's Religion and Philosophy Department Chair and trip coordinator. "Serving in a third-world environment will help them gain a better understanding of the world and the tremendous struggle to meet basic needs that so many people face on a daily basis."

Canterbury is once again partnering with Lighthouse Projects for their service trip in the Dominican. This year the team is excited to focus their efforts on helping build a medical clinic, and they need the help of the Canterbury community to raise $17,000 for the project, which will provide access to childhood vaccinations and emergency care for the local people.

Students fund their own travel expenses, so the money raised goes directly to paying for cinder blocks, cement, rebar, sand, and roofing materials. A portion of the funds also pay for a few local construction workers who will help guide the team with the more technical aspects of the project.

Your donation to this project not only helps the people who will use the clinic, but it helps provide an unforgettable experience for Canterbury students. Over the years, Walda has heard students comment on their amazement that people can still be happy and grateful with very few possessions.

"Students often go looking to help others meet basic needs, but they come away having learned important life lessons about the joy of serving and how much we have to be grateful for in the United States," she said.

If you're interested in helping provide the needed materials for their service project, learn more here.