Parent Association Contributes Funds to School Libraries
Parent Association Contributes Funds to School Libraries
Parent Association

On May 14, 2018, Tim Durnall, Parent Association President, announced a significant contribution to the Canterbury School Libraries. He addressed the Canterbury community in the following letter:

Dear Canterbury Community,

On behalf of the Canterbury School Parent Association, I am pleased to announce our contribution of $23,500 to the Canterbury School Libraries. This contribution is in addition to $8,334 in SCRIP funds previously designated to Canterbury's Libraries, for a total of $31,834 devoted to this essential resource in our children's educations. These funds will support the enhancement of all school libraries, as deemed appropriate by the Library staff members and school administration.

Each year, the Parent Association hosts numerous educational programs and activities, which you graciously support through the purchase of various items. At the close of each year, the Executive Committee of the Parent Association determines the allocation of funds through a thoughtful and meticulous process. Last year's proceeds were designated for Faculty Professional Development.

This year, we are excited to support an invaluable part of our extraordinary college preparatory curriculum. The Canterbury School Libraries, and the imaginative librarians who run them, introduce our students to a world of precious wisdom. They enable our students to access and understand an incredible wealth of digital and traditional resources. Ultimately, our libraries empower students to become diligent researchers and knowledge-driven citizens.

As this school year moves toward closing, I'd like to thank you all for your generous support, and I look forward to next year's Parent Association, under Beth Behrendt's diligent leadership.


Tim Durnell

Parent Association President