Middle School students prepping for science fair
Middle School students prepping for science fair
K. Belcher

Three students will represent Canterbury Middle School at the Northeast Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair in March: Alex Elko, Lucas Valcaracel and Abby Westropp. Alternates are Sophia Shugart and Jessica Zhou. Middle School students' projects covered a variety of categories including Animal Sciences, Behavioral and Social Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine and Health, Physics and Astronomy and Plant Sciences. Special thanks to all the parents who volunteered and judged at the Canterbury Science Fair and to the AP Biology students who spent the day judging.

Animal Sciences

  • Gavin Bowe, 1st, Good Night, Sleep Tight
  • Katian Hornbostel, 2nd, If You Were a Horse What Would You Choose
  • Hollis Rang, 2nd, Doggone Delicious

Behavioral and Social Science

  • Abby Westropp, 1st and Regional Qualifier, See Your True Colors
  • Georgia Gray, Honorable Mention, Doodles, Data, Dyslexics Oh My!
  • Emma Hildreth, 2nd, How Music Affects Comprehension and the Prefrontal Cortex
  • Avery Biggs, 2nd, It's All In Your Head
  • Maile Smits, 3rd, Battle of the Senses: Taste vs. Smell
  • Leah Marquell, 3rd, Sugar Treat or Cheat?


  • Jessica Zhou, 1st and Regional Alternate, Let it Snow
  • Paul Birkmeier, 3rd, Protecting the poor man's stock market
  • Computer Science
  • Jacob Scavo, 2nd, Wifi Focusing for Better Signal


  • Micah Holder, 2nd, Breaking Bridges
  • Isaac Clark, Honorable Mention, Wall Will Power
  • Environmental Science
  • Lucas Valcarcel, 1st and Regional Qualifier, Naturally Pure of Commercially Clear

Medicine and Health

  • Sophia Shugart, 1st and Regional Alternate, How much is too much?
  • Zach Hobbs, 2nd, The Brush Off
  • Caitlin Diehl, 2nd, Are Hot Tubs Safe?
  • Olivia Hamilton, 3rd, Are You Stressed Yet?
  • Eli Pasalich, 3rd , Simple rulers test reaction time

Physics and Astronomy

  • Alex Elko, 1st and Regional Qualifier, Symphony of Sound
  • Kyra Tonsil, Honorable Mention, Cap the Time
  • Andrew Paparo, Honorable Mention, Tennis
  • Vonnia Anwar, 2nd, Better than Watching Paint Dry
  • Maya Surendran, 2nd, An Introduction to Red-Eye Reduction
  • Nick Pabla, 3rd, Hit It Fore-ther
  • Kyle Lawson, 3rd, The Right Golf Ball For You
  • Julian Whipp, 3rd, Flipping In Time

Plant Sciences

  • Zoraiya Limzerwala, 2nd, Got my Money on The Light

Special Awards

  • Daniel Liu - Best Graphic Display
  • Braeden Smith - Best Real World Application
  • Jillian Forth - Best Solution to a Social Science Problem
  • Micah Holder - Best Use of Engineering
  • Nick Pabla - Best Use of Mathematics
  • Caroline Ferguson - Best Use of Photography
  • Julia Beatty - Best Use of Technology
  • Emma Hildreth - Better Living/Healthy Lifestyle Award
  • Jacob Scavo - Director's Choice Award
  • Zach Hobbs - Isaac Knapp Award for Dentistry
  • Georgia Gray - Isaac Newton Award for Innovation
  • Gavin Bowe - Most Creative display
  • Matthew Weigand - Steigmeyer Award for Environmental Concern
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