Grade 2 Students Celebrate Earth Day
Grade 2 Students Celebrate Earth Day
Canterbury School

This year, our Grade 2 students have been studying Earth care. They've visited Fox Island Park in Fort Wayne, Ind., explored a landfill, observed deciduous trees throughout the seasons, and learned the importance of conserving resources like water.

When Grade 2 teachers Mrs. Jennifer Barr, Mrs. Stacia Czartoski, Mrs. Melissa Madsen and Mr. Tom Meyer heard Little River Wetlands Project was going to host a Rain Barrel Contest at the annual Earth Day Fort Wayne celebration on April 22, they knew they had to participate. So, they got to work.

Their classes began by reading a book about the water cycle, and they discussed the importance of water conservation. They learned how a rain barrel can help conserve water by capturing runoff from a roof and storing it for later use in flower beds and gardens, which helps to conserve clean drinking water for other uses.

Next, the students brainstormed design ideas for the rain barrel they'd enter in the contest. All their bright ideas fit perfectly with the theme of Earth care and Earth Day, so it hard choosing just one. In the end, the four teachers selected four drawings and combined them into a mural that illustrated a water cycle.

The last step was to paint the barrel. Throughout March, students dedicated time in Art class to pain the rain barrel. The completed project then received a protective clear coat. It was auctioned off on Sunday, April 22, at the Earth Day Fort Wayne celebration, and it's now ready for its first thunderstorm!

Next on the list? The students and their teachers are heading to Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center in Wolf Lake, Ind., for further Earth care explorations.