Good, old-fashioned research drives student success at MUN
Good, old-fashioned research drives student success at MUN
K Belcher

Canterbury's Model United Nations (MUN) team took home 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places for best Delegate and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th for Best Delegation at the November IU Southeast Conference. Model United Nations is an educational simulation in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. During the IU Southeast mock session of the UN, the students were assigned to be delegates from specific countries. Canterbury competes in two MUN conferences annually, with 10-15 high schools attending each.

While the Model UN focuses on issues and policy, the value to students goes far beyond current events. "Students develop skills in public speaking, debate, and conflict resolution, as well as a sophisticated knowledge of world issues," explained Dr. Greg Novak, social studies teacher and MUN advisor. Session topics for the IU Southeast Conference included Crisis in Yemen, Crisis in Syria, Conflict in North Korea, and Conflict in Israel and Palestine.

Dr. Novak explains that the students prepare for the conference through "good, old-fashioned research." Additionally, the group meets for four sessions to prep for each conference. New members meet more. "They not only have to learn about the issues, but understand the positions that different countries have on those issues," he said. "For the new students, we also do simulations to help acclimate them."

2017 Indiana University Southeast MUN Awards

Best Delegation (partners)

1st Place:

  • Carter Davis and Isaac Williams - Russia
  • Ben Elliott and Sid Short - Kazakhstan
  • Kyle Gilbert and Arnie Lal - China
  • Nina Ijomanta and Ash Shukla - France
  • 2nd Place:

  • Grace Bechdol and Sean Walulik - Japan
  • Elizabeth Fortmeyer and Victor Pacheco - Egypt
  • Signe Johansson and Kiah Myers - Sweden
  • Keegan McArdle and Akshat Piprottar - Russia
  • Blaine McRae and Teddy Tsai - Japan
  • 3rd Place:

  • Emma Case and Deena Horani - UK
  • Rishubh Jain and Akash Meesa - UK
  • Lauren Kim and Priya Meesa - UK
  • 4th Place:

  • Stephen Chapman and James Romano – China
  • Best Delegate (singles)

    1st Place

  • Emma Case - UK
  • Carter Davis – Russia
  • Rishubh Jain - UK
  • Ash Shukla – France
  • 2nd Place

  • Grace Bechdol - Japan
  • Ben Elliott – Kazakhstan
  • Victor Pacheco - Egypt
  • 3rd Place

  • Arnie Lal - China
  • Blaine McRae – Japan
  • Priya Meesa – UK
  • Sid Short – Kazakhstan
  • 4th place

  • Kyle Gilbert – China
  • Nina Ijomanta - France
  • Akshat Piprottar – Russia
  • Luke Steffy - Senegal