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Each Teacher Matters: Miriel McFarland
Each Teacher Matters: Miriel McFarland
Meg Miller

Miriel McFarland is a Middle School Social Studies teacher at Canterbury School who drives 96 miles round-trip to come to work each day. But the drive is totally worth it to be a part of such an incredible Canterbury community.

Meg Miller: What does it mean to be a member of the Canterbury School community?

Miriel McFarland: To me, being a part of the Canterbury School community means that I am part of a team that is working together to help educate individuals on a number of different high achieving planes (yes academically, but also morally, socially, and developmentally). Of course everyone can be on board with this, because it translates to a fuller, richer experience for the students, their families, and their future. I truly do feel fortunate that parents gift over their most precious treasure every day, and I get to spend a minimum of 45 minutes a day with them, teaching, listening, and observing. Sometimes parents aren't even allowed that luxury of time! Also, with this consistency, we get to see their inconsistencies. Monday you may get a sleepy, unmotivated adolescent, but 24 hours later, you may get an engaged, inquisitive academic on top of their organizational game, hungry to take on lecture, debate, project, etc. (or hungry for whatever the cafeteria has to offer that afternoon as well).

Meg: What is your favorite tradition and/or experience at Canterbury thus far?

Miriel: One of my favorite traditions at Canterbury is the Closing Exercises here at the Middle School on the night of the last day of school. To say that students work so hard throughout the year would be a vast understatement, and to see their efforts come to fruition through the awards, the music, the togetherness of friends and family is so much fun to watch from the perspective of the one who is usually doing all the pushing to get those efforts.

Meg: Why did you choose to teach at Canterbury School?

Miriel: Canterbury is a unique educational home. The standards are second to none, and again, we are all working to better one another. The success of others helps to lift the success everyone. Additionally, people truly care about one another. Yes, they congratulate one another on those successes mentioned above, but they are also there for one another if an occasional shoulder of support is needed. Canterbury creates solid bonds.

Meg: What is your favorite thing about being a teacher at Canterbury?

Miriel: The students and their families provide a culture that you won't find anywhere else. The emphasis on the importance of a quality education here at Canterbury by those families is something that can be (rightfully) envied among teachers anywhere.

Meg: How does each person matter at Canterbury School?

Miriel: Students, parents, colleagues, support staff, visitors can all count on the fact that people truly care about where you're going, what you're doing, and how we can help.

Meg: How does it feel to now have your son at Canterbury School?

Miriel: My husband and our parents all agree about the fact that Canterbury's commitment to our child personally, is not something that can easily be replicated in another setting.

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