Each Person Matters
Each Person Matters
Jessica Morales, Director of Enrollment Management

Each person matters.

This is more than just a billboard, a hashtag or a catchphrase. This is a story – many stories, in fact. And, all stories lead back to a special place found on Covington and Smith Roads in Fort Wayne, Ind., where each fiber is navy blue and white, where each action is filled with integrity and where each person matters.

Those three words serve as the stage for Canterbury School to share what makes the school different, valuable and successful. The school's small sizes, faculty mentorship, academic triumph and character development are profound. But the stories, the memories, the experiences, that truly set Canterbury apart start and end with the people.

Canterbury was founded in 1977 by a group of parents seeking to create an educational program that would better serve their children. More than 40 years later, Canterbury continues to place the personal, social and spiritual well-being of each student at the center of everything. Because each person matters.

"Together, the individuals of this community created Canterbury, and that's a general spirit that continues to this day." said Bill Ennist, Head of School. "I think this statement simultaneously captures the history, current success and aspirations of the school beautifully."

Canterbury has created an educational experience founded on core beliefs, including:

  • A strong and broad base of knowledge, and a genuine love for and appreciation of learning, are best accomplished through a challenging college preparatory curriculum.
  • Student learning is built on relationships – student-to-student, student-to-teacher, parent-to-teacher, and school-to-community.
  • Character development is grounded in the Christian principles of compassion, forgiveness, love and kindness.
  • Participation in the arts and athletics is essential in the development of the well-rounded individual.

Paired with a supportive and enriching environment, these beliefs allow each person to discover what matters to him or her. Each student, teacher, ambassador, artist, parent, athlete, advisor, scholar, administrator, supporter and more have a place here. Each one matters. This is a place where you are known – not just for what you learn, but for who you become while you are here. And, these are the stories we are excited to tell.

"This is important because there are so many single details that all come together to create a fantastic experience for every child at Canterbury, and having a way to highlight each of those aspects of school life in such a short yet impactful format is incredibly helpful to all of us," said Ennist.

Watch for our stories and explore the Each Person Matters campaign at canterburyschool.org/matters.

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