Committed to Safety
Committed to Safety
Natalie A. Trout

"For every school, the most important thing is that we keep kids safe. That's my number one priority at all times. Not only that students are safe in the case of an emergency, but that they feel safe on a daily basis and that they know they are taken care of."

Middle School Director Fraser Coffeen is the co-chair of Canterbury's Safety Committee with Middle School Office Assistant Ruth Hadland. While the committee has been around for quite some time, it has recently expanded to take care of the ever-changing needs for school security.

"We're very plugged into the world of school safety and security, always thinking about it from the student perspective and what's right for our kids," Coffeen said.

School safety and security means anything from a fire or a tornado, to an intruder in the building. While schools across the nation have been well-prepared for fires and tornadoes for decades, school intruders pose a newer threat that some aren't prepared for.

Canterbury wants to make sure it's prepared, and that started with contracting Security and Safety Solutions to train faculty and staff about best practices in the unfortunate case of an intruder.

"The Run-Hide-Fight training was very helpful," Coffeen said. "Parents can have confidence in knowing that we've been trained by professionals, who will continue to assist us in becoming a safer school."

Security and Safety Solutions will continue to work with the Canterbury Safety Committee to determine the next steps in making Canterbury safer and more secure. The committee will then take a look at what's most appropriate for Canterbury and decide how to move forward.

Aside from Run-Hide-Fight training, faculty are CPR certified, and Canterbury has its own team of first responders who have additional certification. Just this week, Coffeen and some others on the committee attended a conference about school safety and security, presented by the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy.

Parents can rest assured that Canterbury's Safety Committee is working hard to add additional safety measures to keep everyone feeling safe and secure. The addition of more cameras, faculty training, and other preparations have Coffeen feeling confident that Canterbury is on the right path.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint," he said. "This will be an ongoing work. We've already made huge strides in the area of safety and security on campus, and we'll continue to do more. Best practices in school safety are always changing, and we will stay on top of those changes to keep our students safe."