Canterbury Scholars Recognized with Awards
Canterbury Scholars Recognized with Awards
Natalie A. Trout

Canterbury School hosted its annual Canterbury Scholar Reception on February 11, 2020 to recognize and celebrate the 2019-20 Canterbury Scholar Awards and Malone Scholar Award recipients.

The Canterbury Scholar Program is an opportunity for rising Grade 7 and Grade 9 students to compete for scholarships to attend Canterbury School.

In addition to the Canterbury Scholar Awards, Canterbury recognized two students with the Malone Scholar Award, a scholarship funded by the John Malone Foundation. Canterbury remains one of just 50 schools in the nation to be part of the prestigious Malone Scholars program, which provides funding of educational opportunities for academically talented and motivated students whose families demonstrate financial need.

To be eligible for a scholar award, the competitive pool of applicants were required to complete a standardized test and a written essay, as well as submit school transcripts and teacher recommendations. In addition, applicants must spend a day at Canterbury High School shadowing a current Grade 9 student.

Congratulations to all of our scholars who were recognized on Tuesday evening!

Malone Scholar Awards

  • Prakat Kawta (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Alivia Trier (6) Indian Springs Middle School

Canterbury Scholar Awards

  • Rachel Li (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • Oliver Mitchell (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • Chloe Park (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • Annika Valluru (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • Aishani Valluru (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • Stella VandeWater (8) Canterbury Middle School
  • John Afari-Aikins (8) Boston Trinity Academy
  • Jackson Runion (8) Saint Therese School
  • Owen Saalfrank (8) Holy Cross Lutheran School
  • Dallas Watson (8) Manchester Junior-Senior High School
  • Lucas Swift (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Aran Padmalingam (6) Woodside Middle School
  • Aleksander Stephens (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Gabriella Zambrano (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Rohan Khatri (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Timothy Haist (6) Canterbury Middle School
  • Raeanne Garvin (6) Canterbury Middle School