Canterbury Chess Chases Championship
Canterbury Chess Chases Championship
Natalie A. Trout

Twenty Canterbury students qualified for the individual SCI State Championship last weekend in Indianapolis, an impressive feat that has taken practice and dedication to achieve.

"Just being a qualifier for the State Individual is very challenging in some of the divisions, as you must first do well in a regional qualifier just to receive an invite," said Canterbury Chess Coach James Dean. "As always, there are ups and downs during the tournament, but to have 20 students who competed well there, it was great."

Ages of Canterbury players ranged from Grade 1 and under, all the way up to high school, spanning seven different divisions at the state tournament. Dean said it's fun and rewarding to see the students test themselves in competition and improve throughout the year.

"It takes a lot of courage and resiliency to compete in an individual activity at such a young age," he said. "I believe our students benefit from these experiences a great deal."

The Canterbury Chess Team will head to team Regionals and Team State in February and March. Dean is also confident that some of our Canterbury players will compete at national events in April and May.

"We are excited for the Regional and State Team Championship Tournaments!" he said.

Congratulations to all of our competing chess players!

SCI State Championship Results

1st Grade and Under:
Harvey Hanke 3rd
Betsy Bolt 5th
Miles Boom. 11th
Vikas Rajaram 20th

3rd Grade and Under:
Benjamin Joseph 2nd
Henry Liu 5th
Daniyar Adilov 12th
Elina Surendran 13th
Cameron Fullhart 15th
Charlie Bolt 27th

6th grade and Under Championship:
Gavin Lass 13th
Roshan Raman 18th
Vivek Apuri 24th

6th Grade and Under Junior Varsity:
Arha Kureti 9th

8th Grade and Under Championship:
Makaio Surendran 8th
Sam Liu 13th

8th Grade and Under Junior Varsity:
Avinash Singh 17th
Jackson Monnier 35th

12th Grade and Under:
Nika Arnold 7th
Teddy Tsai 13th