Building Community Through Tradition
Building Community Through Tradition
Elizabeth Patterson

A community feels like home, where we find ourselves safe with permission to be vulnerable. Encouraged to step outside our comfort zone, through collaboration and personal investment, our communities can provide a result that is transformative. Out of nowhere, it seems, we are capable of things we never imagined. At Canterbury, we start as members of a community and leave as friends.

I am inspired by the connections that have endured over the years. But the real magic happens when our performers find themselves building a sincere community of care and kindness as we work together to prepare for traditional events. Our Canterbury connection is authentic and sincere, and the memories that we make together are precious.

Performing in an ensemble requires a collective intention. Our musicians understand they must take responsibility for all elements of performance. Everyone must be invested, for everyone is a meaningful contributor. Our performances stimulate an 'in the moment' connection that can never be recreated. These memories resonate with feelings of pride and significance. We've accomplished a goal together. And we did it with purpose.

Our performers develop a sense of self and worth in our ensembles. Members of an incredibly diverse and multi-faceted community, our ensemble mates become powerful circles of influence and support. It is such a privilege to be able to witness these communities bloom in our ensembles while we continue our musical traditions. We hope to see you this holiday season at some of our performances and we thank you for all you do to nurture the hearts and minds of our musical community!