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Announcing the 2019 Fine Arts Department Awards
Announcing the 2019 Fine Arts Department Awards
Fine Arts Department

The last two weeks have marked honored recognition for Canterbury High School Fine Arts students. Last Thursday, April 11, our High School Speech & Debate students were recognized for an outstanding season and impressive individual performances during an awards breakfast. Just this Tuesday, April 16, students from a variety of disciplines were awarded for their talent, creativity, and individual expression at the Fine Arts Recognition Evening Awards Ceremony.

Thank you to Linda Alt, Ranae Butler, Janet MacKay-Galbraith, Beth Patterson, Stephen Perfect, Colleen Tan, and Vicki Junk-Wright for using your love of art to teach and inspire our high school students.

Please congratulate the following students when you see them:


Amber Zimmerman Award for Overall Excellence in Speaking

  • Grace Bechdol

James Kimbrough Excellence in Original Events Award

  • Nithin Krishnan

Kyle Eller Excellence in Interpretation Award

  • Swetha Krishnan

Robert Goodman Persuasive Speaking Award

  • Nile Adhami
  • Lena Alt

Ronnye Rutledge Career NFL Points Award

  • Grace Bechdol

Tara Gangadhar Outstanding Attitude Award

  • Isabella Von Seggern


Passion Award

  • Chloe Cameron, Theatre
  • Jiaxiang Chen, Art
  • Isaac Bailey, Band
  • Eric Diaz, Band
  • Elizabeth Fortmeyer, Photography
  • Sarah Stevenson, Choir
  • Grayson Toole, Orchestra

Persistence Award

  • Paige Clark, Theatre
  • Gabriel Gabriel, Choir
  • Samuel Haller, Photography
  • Chinedum Ijomanta, Art
  • Theodore Tsai, Band
  • Oliver VandeWater, Orchestra

Influence Award

  • Henry DelBello, Theatre
  • Phobos Hoang, Art
  • Hannah Maconochie, Band
  • Clayton Perry, Orchestra
  • Quinn Saleik, Band
  • Liam Ward, Choir

Spirit Award

  • Julia Beatty, Art
  • Elizabeth Ferrier, Theatre
  • Nina Finnen, Photography
  • James Haines, Band
  • Gabriella Hoover, Theatre
  • Alexandria Rohrs, Choir
  • Kristina Urberg, Orchestra

Service to Canterbury Community Award

  • Samuel Bellavance, Band
  • Krystka Bugajski, Theatre
  • Daniel Coker, Orchestra
  • Henry DelBello, Theatre
  • Caitlin Diamente, Choir
  • Koltin Htut, Band
  • Sadie Lange, Photography
  • Pierce "PJ" Parker, Art
  • Maxwell Pasko, Band

Outstanding Portfolio Award

  • Sadie Lange, Art
  • Sean Walulik, Photography

Excellence in Vocal Music Award

  • Liam Ward

Most Valuable Player Award

  • Owen Bagwell, Band
  • Jodi Sarno, Orchestra

National School Orchestra Award

  • Jodi Sarno
  • Paul Canavati Band Award
  • Owen Bagwell
  • Samuel Bellavance
  • Santana Gomez

Thomas Carter Fluekiger Award for Technical Excellence

  • Krystka Bugajski
  • Mikala Holder

Hancock Award for Outstanding Participation

  • Joseph Haines

Pam Kelly

  • Krystka Bugajski
  • Chloe Cameron
  • Paige Clark
  • Henry DelBello
  • Joseph Haines
  • Mikala Holder
  • Gabriella Hoover

High School Speech & Debate Award Winners