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Athlete’s Code of Conduct
It is the philosophy of Canterbury School that, while participation on an athletics team is an experience to which all students should have access, it is nonetheless one that brings with it responsibilities additional to those expected of other Canterbury students. With that statement in mind the school has developed the following policy regarding drug and alcohol use.

Drug/Alcohol Policy
As members of the HS student body, student-athletes acknowledge the importance of a healthy lifestyle that is drug and alcohol free. Furthermore, representing Canterbury on a team brings added responsibility to live up to high expectations in this area. Any incident involving a violation of drug and alcohol policies as outlined by the school while a student is under school jurisdiction will be dealt with by the high school administration according to guidelines set out in the Parent and Student Handbook. The Athletics Department has the full discretion to impose direct consequences regarding athletic participation as outlined in the athletics handbook at any time during an athletic season (whether under school jurisdiction or not). To this end, every member of a high school athletic team agrees to adhere to The Athlete’s Pledge (Appendix H) during each season of participation. This pledge confirms a personal commitment not to use drugs, alcohol or controlled substances at any time during that season, including times when not under the direct jurisdiction of the school.

Drug/Alcohol Violations and Consequences
When the school (including the Athletic Department), in its best judgment, believes there is strong evidence of a violation of the Athlete’s Code of Conduct involving drugs, alcohol or a controlled substance, the following action will take place: A student-athlete who uses or has possession of a drug, alcohol or controlled substance, shall be suspended from participation on a team for a period of 30% of the total competitions for that season. Should the occurrence happen with less than 30% of competitions remaining in a season, the portion left shall carry into the next sport season in which the student participates. (provided the student-athlete has a history of participation in that sport). During the time of suspension the student shall participate in all required practices and shall attend, but not participate in, games under the direct supervision of the coaching staff. This suspension shall include the student-athlete’s being referred to the appropriate school personnel for counseling. A student-athlete will not be cleared for future competitions of any kind until the recommendations of the counselor have been satisfied and the high school director has been notified as such. Should a student-athlete initiate a program with an outside, non-school counselor to seek help with a drug or alcohol problem, the school will recognize this positive step. Upon receiving documentation that a program has begun the athletic suspension outlined above may be reduced by 50%. A reduction in penalty will occur no more than one time during a student’s career.

A violation of the Athlete’s Code of Conduct during the course of a specific sport season will render an athlete ineligible for all team awards for that season. In addition, a violation may impact a student’s opportunities for recognition and awards from outside organizations as well as end-of-year school awards

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