RSVP Athletics Awards May 12


My student only played at the C-Team level this year. Should he attend?

YES. All 2016-2017 High School student athletes/families in any IHSAA sport at Canterbury at any level (C-Team/Freshman, JV, Varsity) are invited.

Who receives awards/recognition?

It could be anyone. Awards/recognition are not grade specific and are not sport level specific. And it is wonderful to have students/families from all grade levels in attendance to support the awardees and to inspire returning student athletes for the next school year. Awards are given in many categories including the Cav-E awards, which are done through nominations from the Canterbury community.

What is the dress for this event?

Men: dress pants, shirt and tie (jacket optional).
Ladies: dress, skirt and nice blouse, dressy pants and nice blouse.

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