Middle School Sports

Our all-inclusive athletic program inspires individual participation and community success, which is measured by physical, emotional, and social growth.

The Middle School program prepares students physically by improving fitness, teaching sport and fitness skills, and promoting safe and sound health practices. Students progress from the development of sports skills, sportsmanship (moral decision making and self-control), team play (group responsibility), leadership and problem solving to the application of these skills within a competitive athletic experience.

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Student Information

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Parent Information

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Commitment to Canterbury Middle School Athletics

As a parent whose child will participate in Canterbury Middle School Athletics during the Spring 2023-24 term, I understand the following commitments:

  1. I will support my child's attendance at all practices/games.
  2. I will attend the informational meeting conducted by the Middle School Athletic Director prior to each athletic season in which my student participates.
  3. I will read and follow the guidelines set forth in the Middle School Athletics Handbook.
  4. I will share the following expectations with my athlete:
    • Athletes will attend all practices and games on days in which they attend school.
    • Athletes will follow all guidelines set forth by the Middle School Athletic Director and the Coaches.
    • Athletes will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, positively representing Canterbury School on all athletic trips and during all sporting events.
    • Athletes will read and follow the guidelines set forth in the Middle School Athletics Handbook.
    • Failure of an athlete to honor these commitments could result in suspension from a team.
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Rob Westfall
Assistant Middle School Director