Cav-E Awards

Canterbury High School recognizes student athletes who play with passion, who rise to the occasion, who demonstrate persistence, who have a positive attitude and who exemplify integrity in all things.

That's why we created the Cav-E Awards. Each year, we accept nominations for all High School student athletes, regardless of sport or sport level. At the end of the year, we present all nominations to a panel of judges – usually area minor league athletes, sports reporters and alumni – who determine which student athletes receive the awards.

We welcome your nominations! You may nominate as many High School student athletes as you wish, and we ask that you please submit a new form for each nomination. Your submission is anonymous, but we ask for your name and email in case we need more information to determine Cav-E Award recipients. 



Canterbury High School students and their parents are invited to the

2024 Cav-E Awards Ceremony
in Summers Auditorium
at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 19

Registration is required and dinner is provided.

Registration closes Monday, May 15.

First Name
Last Name
Note: This ceremony is for high school students and their parents/guardians only.

Cav-E Award Categories