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Athletics are an integral part of the educational program at Canterbury School, and athletic experiences are considered a natural extension of the educational environment.

The interscholastic sports program creates unique learning environments and development zones for student athletes. Our all-inclusive program puts an emphasis on maximizing individual effort as part of a team, where students are challenged to grow at their own pace, embrace common goals and strive for competitive success.

Our all-inclusive policy is the core of Canterbury School athletics, encouraging individual participation and achievement by giving every student an opportunity to learn and play sports competitively. This differs from many schools and confirms Canterbury’s belief that involvement in athletics is a valuable experience – one that should be accessible to all students.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Canterbury School is part of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), which encourages "Double-Goal Coaches", or those who have no only the goal of winning, but also of teaching young people life lessons and positive character traits through sports. Through the PCA, we've established four initiatives:

  • Say, "I love to watch you play." These are the six most powerful words you can say to your athlete, no matter the result of the game. This sentence has been become a staple among Canterbury families over the past year and is part of the PCA teachings. The athletics staff supports and practices the PCA principals to transform youth sports so that sports can transform youth.
  • Redefine the meaning of "winner." At Canterbury School, a winner is one who puts forth maximum effort, continues to learn and improve, and refuses to let mistakes or the fear of making mistakes be a deterrent.
  • Honor the game. This means no rules are bent to win. A worthy opponent is viewed as a gift that calls forth players’ highest potential. Officials are treated with respect. Players never do anything to embarrass the team on or off the field. Additionally, players live up to their personal standards, regardless of others’ behavior.
  • Refill students' emotional tanks. Encouragement and criticism should be delivered in a 5-to-1 ratio.

Artist. Athlete. Scholar.

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