Second grade is an exciting time for Canterbury students because this is the first opportunity they have to perform with the Canterbury Children's Choir.

Each year between 60 and 100 students in Grades 2-4 spend Wednesday mornings learning songs they will perform throughout the year at concerts, Convocations, and for outside organizations. Participation in the choir is in addition to music classes that every Early Childhood and Lower School student takes during the school day.

In Grade 5 students take a choir course as part of the fine arts block and may become part of the Middle School Choir in Grades 6-8. Fourth graders and Middle School students also are invited to participate in the Circle the State With Song workshop and choir. Additionally, Middle and High School students have the opportunity to compete in Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) competitions as soloists or ensembles.

At the High School level students may join the Concert Choir (an elective course). The choir performs choral music from a variety of styles and time periods. Sight singing and the development of vocal skills and techniques are stressed. Choir members work on basic singing and music-reading skills. Students also may audition for the Chamber Choir, which is an co-curricular group of 15 students who concentrate on college-level music.