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Canterbury Artists Receive Regional and National Recognition in Scholastic Competition

The 2018-19 National Scholastic Arts Competition recognized more than 45 art and writing compositions by Canterbury School students, who earned six Gold Key awards, 10 Silver Key awards, and 31 Honorable Mentions. In the Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio Art Region, 3,400 entries were submitted to this year's competition.

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation's youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated. Each year, increasing numbers of teens participate in the program, and become a part of the community — young artists and writers, filmmakers and photographers, poets and sculptors, video game artists, and science fiction writers — along with countless educators who support and encourage the creative process. Through the Awards, students nationwide, in grades 7–12 (ages 13 and up) from public, private, or home schools receive opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication, and scholarships.

The history of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is rich with notable alumni. The list includes artists like Andy Warhol and John Baldessari, whose work has influenced the course of art history worldwide, and writers like Sylvia Plath and Joyce Carol Oates, whose writing has changed contemporary literature. The list of notable alumni is quite impressive and also includes Richard Avedon, Hughie Lee-Smith, Truman Capote, Cy Twombly, Charles White, John Updike, Mozelle Thompson, Carolyn Forché, Stephen King, Kay WalkingStick, Zac Posen, Lena Dunham, Luis Jiménez, Richard Linklater, and many more.

Gold Key, Silver Key, and Honorable Mention winners and teachers will be individually honored during the Regional Awards Ceremony at the University of Saint Francis Performing Arts Center on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. Following the ceremony, there is a reception to view the art on display at the Fort Wayne Art Museum. The exhibit runs Feb. 9 through April 6 at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (311 E. Main Street, Fort Wayne IN 46802).

Please join us in celebrating Canterbury's artist recognition:

Gold Key Winners


  • "Evanesce Through Time" by Sam Haller (Grade 10)
  • "Suspension" by Marissa Toole (Grade 8)
  • "Aurora" by Whitney Walker (Grade 12)


  • "The Perfect But Not So Perfect Self" by Phobos Hoang (Grade 11)
  • "Looking Up the Golden Bridge" by David Senhao Qu (Grade 12)


  • "Paper Puddles" by Oliver Mitchell (Grade 7)

Silver Key Winners


  • "Woven" by Marissa Toole (Grade 8)


  • "Ecstasy" by Phobos Hoang (Grade 11)
  • "Cold Woman" by Frank Jiaxiang Chen (Grade 11)


  • "Until The Debt Is Settled There Shall Be No Peace" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)
  • "Am I Everything You Fear?" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)
  • "The Faces of the World" by Georgia Gray (Grade 9)
  • "The Illusion" by Isabel Schlabach (Grade 8)


  • "Light the Candle of Hope" by Ysabella Liu (Grade 8)

Ceramics and Glass

  • "Tik Tac Sushi" by Safiya Thomas (Grade 7)

Digital Art

  • "Waist Training" by Paige Clark (Grade 12)

Honorable Mention Winners


  • "Remnants" by Spencer Colin (Grade 11)
  • "Fork Lost In Space" by Xander Dressler (Grade 9)
  • "Swiggity Swooshy" by Sadie Lange (Grade 12)
  • "Neon Nights" by Bryston Smith (Grade 11)
  • "The Trail" by Bryston Smith (Grade 11)
  • "Baptized" by Marissa Toole (Grade 8)
  • "Bridge to Nowhere" by Sean Wakulik (Grade 12)
  • "Logistics" by Sean Wakulik (Grade 12)
  • "Exploding Crown" by Sean Wakulik (Grade 12)

Digital Art

  • "Many Keys" by Nina Finnen (Grade 12)
  • "Alive in Nature" by Spencer Colin (Grade 11)
  • "The Woman of Our History" by Emma Hildreth (Grade 9)
  • "Head in the Clouds" by Emma Hildreth (Grade 9)
  • "It Gets Deeper" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)


  • "Lust" by Phobos Hoang (Grade 11)
  • "Shelter Volunteer" by Cody Lange (Grade 9)
  • "Pandora's Box" by Josselyn Ortiz (Grade 9)
  • "Ribbon of Thoughts" by Gabrielle Spier (Grade 10)
  • "Mountain Glow" by Akacia Shuttleworth (Grade 8)
  • "That Cake is Tasty" by Andrew Xi (Grade 8)


  • "Citrus Reflections" by Nithin Krishnan (Grade 10)
  • "On the Beach" by Ysabella Liu (Grade 8)
  • "My Favorite Season" by Ysabella Liu (Grade 8)
  • "Fabrica de Carretas Eloy Alfaro" by Mary Neuman (Grade 12)
  • "A Puerto Rico Noon" by Veronica Wrobleski (Grade 11)


  • "Cornered" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)
  • "A Dish For The Crown Prince" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)
  • "Face Your Fears" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)
  • "Huey" by PJ Parker (Grade 11)

Mixed Media

  • "Smile, You'd Look Prettier" by Veronica Wrobleski (Grade 11)


  • "Tic Tack Dumping" by Andrew Xi (Grade 8)

"Aurora" by Whitney Walker (Grade 12)

"Ribbon of Thoughts" by Gabrielle Spier (Grade 10)

"Head in the Clouds" by Emma Hildreth (Grade 9)

"Many Keys" by Nina Finnen (Grade 12)

"Citrus Reflections" by Nithin Krishnan (Grade 10)

"Paper Puddles" by Oliver Mitchell (Grade 7)

"Ecstasy" by Phobos Hoang (Grade 11)

Canterbury Student Celebrates Arts, Earns National Recognition

Kids have quite the imagination, don't they? They're always imagining, experimenting and wondering, continually expanding their view of the world around them. This summer was no different for Canterbury Middle School student Sophia Zhang ('25), as she wetted her brushes and imagined the most beautiful flower. This, she titled "Fatal Attraction."

In August, Sophia submitted her piece to Celebrating Art, a North American art contest sponsored by and Blick Art Materials. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 across the United States and Canada were encouraged to participate, the top 10 artists in each division receiving special recognition.

Sophia's "Fatal Attraction" was selected from thousands of entries as being among the 10 best in her Grades 4-6 division. This special honor is reserved for the top 25 percent of participants who demonstrate creativity, originality, self-expression, craftsmanship and skill.

According to their press release, and Blick Art Materials sponsor this contest because "too often, the efforts of young artists are unrecognized, and they lose their motivation to express themselves. Teachers, parents and students alike have been universally please with the impact this contest has had on student artists."

You can learn more about the Celebrating Art contest online and view other top 10 entries from Sophia's Grades 4-6 divisions. To view the top entries, select "4-6" from the Grade menu, then "Summer 2018" from the Contest menu, then "Top Ten" from the Award Type.

Checkmate: Canterbury's Chess Tournament a Success

On Saturday, Nov. 10, more than 100 students from across Indiana gathered at Canterbury High School's Summers Auditorium for the 2018 Indiana State K-12 Chess Championships. Students competed in 13 grade-level divisions, Kindergarten through Grade 12, for division titles.

Coach Jim Dean, a FIDE Master and four-time Indiana State Chess Champion, lead Canterbury students to four first-place division titles. Results for Canterbury students, by grade level, are as follows:

Kindergarten (Place: Name)

  • 2: Betsy Bolt
  • 3: Andrew Hardin
  • 4: Victor Runyan

Grade 1 (Place: Name)

  • 4: Elina Surendran
  • 5: Brody Bauer
  • 6: Cameron Fulhart
  • 8: Luke Hoffman
  • 10: Alexander Clute

Grade 2 (Place: Name)

  • 3: Henry Liu
  • 7: Benjamin Joseph
  • 9: Daniyar Adilov
  • 10: Jacob Maurice
  • 11: Justin Starodub
  • 12: Andrew DeMarchis
  • 14: Evan Clute
  • 15: Charlie Bolt
  • 16: Lucian Runyan

Grade 3 (Place: Name)

  • 1: Mazie Hoffman
  • 6: Arha Kureti
  • 9: Collin Bauer
  • 11: Jackson Monnier
  • 15: Melissa Tan
  • 17: Benjamin Hardin

Grade 4 (Place: Name)

  • 6: Gavin Lass
  • 7: Nicholas Collins
  • 9: Roshan Raman
  • 10: Vivek Apuri

Grade 5 (Place: Name)

  • 6: Jason Starodub

Grave 6 (Place: Name)

  • 1: Sam Liu
  • 6: Makaio Surendran
  • 9: Avinash Singh
  • 11: Gavin Norris

Grade 7 (Place: Name)

  • 2: Arjun Yarram

Grade 8 (Place: Name)

  • 1: Benjamin Finkel

Grade 9 (Place: Name)

  • 2: Kevin Murphy

Grade 10 (Place: Name)

  • 4: Christopher Diwis

Grade 11 (Place: Name)

  • 1: Teddy Tsai
  • 2: Mate Mayer
  • 3: Peishanika Arnold
In addition to traditional performing and visual arts opportunities, Canterbury School's Fine Arts Department includes chess. This strategic game is taught in the Lower School (Kindergarten through Grade 4), and it's offered as an elective class in the Middle School (Grades 5 – 8). Canterbury's Chess Club, lead by Coach Dean, is offered during after-school hours throughout the year for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12. Participating students can compete in statewide and national tournaments.

Unmasked: Celebrated Artist and Musician Aaron Cromie Visited Canterbury Middle School

While masks are often used to conceal identity, Canterbury Middle School theatre students recently employed masks for a much different purpose. Last week, celebrated Philadelphia-based artist and musician Aaron Cromie collaborated with students on mask work in performance, using masks to reveal important elements of themselves, including their thoughts and feelings.

Mr. Cromie created neutral theatre masks specifically for our students and led them through multiple sessions of mask work, focusing on creativity and freedom of expression. Grade 5 students created mini-performances based on five frames and physical poses representing a conflict between two people. These "frames" were shared with the entire middle school on Friday afternoon in a lecture and demonstration.

These special masks are being used again by our Grade 8 students, while they return to the witch scenes in Macbeth.

Canterbury School's next visiting artist is Sphinx Virtuosi, one of the nation's most dynamic professional chamber orchestras. On Thursday, Oct. 25, they will host a strings workshop and special performance for Lower and Middle School students. Later that evening, they will share a public performance of "Music Without Borders" at Canterbury High School, Summers Auditorium, at 7 p.m. Tickets are available online at

These artist visits are made possible through the generous donations of Canterbury families at the 2018 Laughing Cavalier event. Donations to the 2018 Laughing Cavalier Special Focus fund are supporting various Fine Arts initiatives and events, which would not have been possible otherwise.

About Aaron Cromie

Aaron Cromie trained at the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre and at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris. He has directed productions at the University of the Arts and the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre. He also has collaborated with the Walnut Street Theatre, Arden Theatre, Lantern Theater, Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Folger Shakespeare, Shakespeare Theatre Company, and many others.

Mr. Cromie has also taught and designed for several art centers, colleges, and university programs and has received support from The Jim Henson Foundation, Pew Center for Arts and Heritage, and The Independence Foundation. He studied with Maestro Antonio Fava and at Ecole Jaques Lecoq. Mr. Cromie is a graduate of the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.

Concert in the... Early Childhood Commons!

This morning's cool weather warranted a change of venue: Our Concert in the Garden event was temporarily re-named "Concert in the Early Childhood Commons"! But the children's bright smiles and the musicians' full notes warmed the halls and made for a magnificent concert nonetheless.

This was the second installment of Concert in Lily's Garden, and this year, it was part of National Arts in Education Week. The performance featured Judas Maccabeus by Handel, a Tarantella by Squire, Themes from Symphony 9 by Beethoven, and a double concerto for two Violins by Vivaldi. Bringing music of the highest caliber to our youngest Early Childhood students is a part of our commitment to igniting a passion for the arts in each student.

The performance included Colleen Tan, an orchestra teacher at Canterbury School and a performer with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, and her husband, Timothy Tan, a member of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Their daughters, Melissa (Grade 3) and Maria (Grade 6) also joined. Colleen, Timothy and Melissa played the violin, and Maria played the cello.

Prior to performing with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic, Colleen performed with the Cincinnati Ballet, the Washington Concert Opera, and the West Virginia Symphony. Colleen earned degrees at Catholic University and Cincinnati Conservatory.

Timothy entered the North Carolina School of the Arts as a 7-year-old violinist and performed a solo concerto tour of North Carolina while a youngster. He continued his education at Boston University and Carnegie Mellon University and became concertmaster of the National Orchestra Institute and other festivals. He performed with the Charlotte, Indianapolis, and Nashville Symphonies before joining the Fort Wayne Philharmonic.

Together, Colleen and Timothy regularly perform in String Shift and Big Sky Festival, as well as duo appearances. When not in Fort Wayne, the couple comprise half of the Lake String Quartet, the ensemble in residence for Yellowstone National Park.

Maria performs with the Canterbury Middle School and Chamber Orchestras, as well as the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Youth Symphony. The youngest Tan, Melissa, has been performing with her sister in gigs for her famous Yellowstone tea parties and was delighted to make her first ensemble appearance at Canterbury School. Both daughters enjoy swimming, hiking, and lots of books.