Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canterbury School looking for in applicants?

We are seeking individuals with strong characters, intellectual curiosity, proven academic aptitude, extracurricular talents and a diversity of backgrounds, interests and life experiences.

Does Canterbury offer financial aid?

Yes, Canterbury offers financial aid to qualified students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

How many students are enrolled at Canterbury School?

There are 968 students enrolled from Canterbury Kids (age 2) through Grade 12.

How many students are in each class?

Lower School (K-4) = three classrooms (16-18 students per classroom) in each grade level.

Middle School (5-8): up to 55 students per grade level in three sections or up to 65 in four sections (classroom sizes typically 16-18 students).

High School: approximately 85-90 students per grade level. Each grade level has five sections (classroom sizes typically 16-20 students).


100 percent of the seniors graduate and are accepted to college or university. The 91 Seniors in the Class of 2017 submitted 767 college applications to 222 colleges and universities. They received 390 acceptances to 150 institutions. The graduates attend 47 colleges in 19 states. The class of 2017 received more than $9 mil in scholarship offers from the schools they applied to and accepted more than $2.5 mil from the schools they attend.

How diverse is the student body?

Canterbury is committed to diversity of every kind. Ours is a community in which we enjoy a diversity of races and ethnicity, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds and individual talents, interests and experiences.

What languages are offered?

French instruction begins at age 3. Spanish begins in Grade 3. Latin begins in Grade 7. Japanese is offered beginning in Grade 9. All languages continue through to High School where advanced and AP language courses are offered as well as immersion experiences. Additional languages are offered through the MSON Program at the High School.

What opportunities are available in the fine arts?

Fine arts is an integral part of our academic program and it is all inclusive. We are continually adding to our arts curriclum. All Lower School students study drama, chess, art and music. Strings instruction begins in Grade 3. All students participate in the Lower School musical. Grades 2-4 may also choose to participate in Canterbury Children's Choir, which meets during the school day. Middle School offerings include courses in visual art, film/moviemaking, music, music technology, choir, chess, band, orchestra, chamber orchestra, strings, drama, dance, Shakespeare and speech. Students may participate in the Middle School musical. High School students may choose to participate in the concert choir, chamber choir, concert band, orchestra, theater, photography, studio art, music technology, computer art, and speech. High School students also may participate in the High School musical, winter play and student-run productions. Concert tours abroad and Pop-Up Art Shows are all part of the Canterbury experience.

What sports are offered at Canterbury School?

Athletics are all inclusive at Canterbury School. The High School offers girls and boys basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming and tennis; boys baseball; and girls softball, volleyball and cheerleading. Middle School sports include boys and girls basketball, cross country and track, golf, soccer and tennis, and girls volleyball and cheerleading. Additionally, Equestrian and Rowing Clubs are offered.

Is there an opportunity for community service?

Yes, in all divisions! The Early Childhood, Lower and Middle Schools organize the collection of items for a variety of local agencies and organizations. Annual service days are a part of the school calendar. The High School has a community service requirement of at least 60 hours during a student’s sophomore and junior years.

What transportation does Canterbury offer?

Canterbury offers bus service to most of the greater Fort Wayne region. There is a fee for this service. Read more about it and check out the routes in the Parents & Students section of the website.

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