Do you want to go to college, but you are not sure how to make your dream come true? Then the Young Scholars Academy may be what you are looking for. The YSA is made possible through the generous funding of an anonymous donor, area educators and Canterbury School. This enrichment program allows students to stay in their Fort Wayne public, private, parochial or home school, but gain some of the college preparatory experiences needed to achieve their dream.

Seventh grade students from the community have an opportunity to participate in an intensive three week summer enrichment program: Young Scholars Academy at Canterbury High School. This free program will offer summer enrichment experiences to qualifying students of high academic achievement and demonstrated financial need. Once the summer program is completed, students remain in the Young Scholars Academy until graduation, attending enrichment education classes in the morning, the second Saturday, September through May. The goal of the YSA is to supplement students' classroom experience and bridge the achievement gap.

Who should apply for the Young Scholars Academy?

This opportunity is extended to all seventh grade students in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area (Canterbury students may not apply).

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To be eligible for the program a student must:

  • Desire a college preparatory education.
  • Show enthusiasm and motivation for maximizing his/her educational opportunities.
  • Be willing to fully participate in every aspect of this rigorous program.
  • Grades in the A and B range, a few C's in core academic subjects (math, science, social studies/history, English/language arts).
  • Complete the testing and interview.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Application Timeline

October-May: Application materials available for current seventh graders, Parent Meetings and Student Testing/Interviews take place second Saturday of the month.

May 15: Applications and transcripts must be received by this date.

May 26: YSA notifies each applicant if she or he has been selected as a Young Scholar

June 12-June30: Young Scholars Summer Program


Young Scholars strive to uphold the status as some of the best and brightest future leaders in Allen County.

Young Scholars are expected to maintain strong a strong academic record (A's and B's) while take an appropriately challenging course load, which may include honors, advanced placement, international baccalaureate or college-level courses. In addition, Young Scholars are expected to explore and to develop their passions in the fine arts, music, speech, drama, civic pursuits, athletics and other activities which will enhance their growth.

Young Scholars serve as representatives of the YSA and are expected to act with honesty and integrity. We expect Young Scholars to:

  • Demonstrate strength in character and leadership.
  • Display concern for their schools and communities.
  • Display progress in all academic work.
  • Maintain an exemplary school disciplinary record.
  • Collaborate with YSA staff and volunteers.

Young Scholars and their families are expected to work closely and communicate with their designated YSA educational advisor at least every two weeks.

Each Young Scholar will work with his or her educational advisor to develop an Individual Learning Plan that will be followed on a yearly basis to ensure the Young Scholar's academic, social and emotional progress.


The goal of the YSA is prepare students for the rigorous academic work they will discover at the college level. Working together as a team, each Young Scholar, parent or guardian, and the YSA educational advisor develop an Individual Learning Plan tailored to the Young Scholar's educational goals, talents and personal aspirations. The YSA will provide the academic support needed to ensure both college admission and college graduation. These services will include:

  • Guidance in selecting an academically demanding and rigorous high school curriculum.
  • Enrollment in a summer academic enrichment program.
  • Assistance in securing learning technology.
  • Assistance in securing support in fine arts, math, science or other areas of interest.
  • Resources for career exploration and mentorship.
  • College counseling and advising.
  • Parent seminars.
This support begins in seventh grade and continues through high school graduation.


The Young Scholars Academy realizes that parents and guardians are in important part of the success of the program. The YSA director will make sure you are aware of activities and details of the academy. Parents will be asked to chaperone field trips and to help with duties at monthly education sessions.

Additionally, current parents and guardians are asked to help recruit students into the program and to be an active part of the Academy Parent Group.

Cookye Rutledge
YSA Director
BA Pepperdine University
EDM Harvard University

The educational advisors work closely with students and their families through the year, providing academic guidance, assessing needs and opportunities, identifying resources and ensuring that Individual Learning Plans are being appropriately followed.

Advisors also offer assistance with career exploration and college planning through field trips, Skype interviews with academic experts, guest speakers, and contact with Canterbury High School college counselors and college admissions officers. College planning is a focal point of the YSA and begins on day one and continues until each young Scholar has been accepted into the college of his or her choice.

Young Scholars and their families communicate frequently with their educational advisors by phone, email and through visits at home.