We believe good leaders use their talents and take the initiative to help others succeed. It is each individual’s responsibility to contribute to our school community, and the Middle School promotes positive participation from each student.

In-class activities such as Project Citizen, Challenge 20/20, We the People, and BizTown place students in the roles of facilitator (leader) and participant or require group efforts to solve a common problem. Teachers create an approach to leadership that is both intentional and structured, allowing students to experience multiple aspects of leadership.

Students learn leadership skills when they serve others, whether it be their efforts at a nursing home for sixth-grade Service class, in leading our annual food drive for the Associated Churches or relief efforts for Burmese refugees, or in working together to maintain the animals in fifth-grade science.

Advisory programs provide a springboard for student leadership. Advisory groups work together to lead Chapel presentations, plan and run activities for the SnowFest social activity in January, and focus on the theme of leadership in the seventh-grade advisory curriculum.

The arts and athletics are integral areas for developing student leaders. The Middle School musical typically has more than 100 cast and crew members, and the cast is divided up into working groups led by eighth-grade mentors who work with younger students on learning their parts and developing their stage skills. The Positive Coaching Alliance places a focus on students being “double goal” athletes, and works to develop sportsmanship and teamwork in all participants.

Traditional leadership opportunities in elected posts are available as well. The Middle School student government is an active group. Each year, they plan and run the Celebration of Cultures Week, lead several service projects, devise and manage our recycling program through the “Green Team,” and plan and host social events in Grades 5/6 and 7/8. Additionally, all eighth-graders not in student government participate on the eighth-grade advisory board to plan and coordinate eighth-grade activities such as the eighth-grade Christmas Chapel, social events, a grade-level newsletter, and the coordination of eighth-grade privileges.

Throughout all we do, students have the opportunity to develop and practice leadership skills in authentic, meaningful activities. All students contribute to the good of our community.

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