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As a leading private middle school in the Fort Wayne area, we are proud to bring world-class education to our students!

Canterbury Middle School challenges students in the classroom. Students are expected to communicate effectively in written and oral assignments, to think critically and creatively in problem-solving activities, and to utilize technology in the classroom to broaden their learning. Our academic program builds the foundation of a solid college preparatory experience.

At a time in their lives when adult involvement becomes even more important, our Middle School students develop meaningful relationships with their teachers and faculty advisors. Each student is well-known as an individual with unique strengths, talents, challenges, and dreams. Teachers regularly work with students to evaluate their progress and set goals to pursue - academic, co-curricular, and personal. Teachers work in partnership with parents to make sure that home and school are aligned and working together for the best interests of each student.

In my first year teaching here, it became clear how much care the faculty gives in thinking about each and every student. We help students get the most out of their education at Canterbury.

Janet MacKay-Galbraith

The Middle School provides multiple opportunities for students to explore new activities and develop interests. Every student is welcome to participate in athletics under our policy of inclusion, so our students typically are involved in at least one sport over the course of the year. They also engage in multiple fine arts offerings, including the 100-member cast of the Middle School Musical.

Students are active in co-curriculars such as the Speech Team, MATHCOUNTS, Knowledge Master, or Robotics Club. Students lead our recycling efforts through the Green Team, organize multiple service projects, take part in the Haven (our spiritual center), and provide guidance through an active student government.

The Middle School is a place to be challenged, to be nurtured, to explore, and to develop a passion. Our students are actively engaged in the learning process...everyone is involved!

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