The Arts

Canterbury's arts courses and co-curricular opportunities are available for students of all skill and interest levels, from those who like to dabble in drawing, music or theatre, to students passionate about becoming amateur or professional artists, musicians, or actors.

Concert Band

The Concert Band is a performance-based instrumental ensemble that stresses the development of skills, technique, musicianship, and ensemble awareness through interesting concert band and jazz literature.

Concert Choir

The Concert Choir performs choral music from a variety of styles and time periods. Sight singing and the development of vocal skills and techniques are stressed.

Chamber Choir

The Chamber Choir sings college-level material and performs at school and in the community.

Chamber Orchestra

This performance-based ensemble focuses on strings instruments, but also includes woodwinds and other instruments.


The focus is to develop acting technique through improvisations, stage movement, and scene study. Modern dramatic literature is introduced, as well as theatre criticism. Students perform individually and in small groups.

Honors Theatre

Students explore directing, monologues, and one-act plays. Individual attention is given to advanced theater techniques such as stage lighting, movement, costuming, and timing.

Visual Art Foundations

Students expand their knowledge of visual art through basic drawing, composition and technique.

Visual Art 2

Continuing to build on lessons learned in Visual Art Foundations, students explore a chosen media and techniques in depth.


This independent course is for students willing to make a serious commitment to a particular area of visual arts.


Students are introduced to basic techniques in photography including the practical and aesthetic elements of the art of photography.

Honor Photography

Students may continue to explore the techniques available in this medium of expression.

Music Technology Composition

Students use looping and sequencing software to create music compositions and to learn music theory.

Computer Art

Design fundamentals, typography, layout, image manipulation and color are explored during this course which familiarizes students with the graphic design industry and processes for commercial print media.

Speech Communications

Students learn the fundamentals of speaking, audience analysis, topic selection, organization, practice, and performance. This course is available for college credit.

Fall and Winter Plays or Musicals

Whether a student is serious about acting or just wants to expand their horizons, he or she is welcome to become part of the cast - creating a one-of-kind-show. All students who audition are casted, and students whose time maybe limited by other commitments, such as fall or winter sports, may participate by taking on smaller roles, working on stagecraft, manning the tech booth, and working behind the scenes.

Pep Band

Student musicians can show school spirit by joining Pep Band. The band performs during high school basketball games throughout the winter, showing support for their fellow classmates on the court.

Speech Team

Students have the opportunity to compete in speech meets in the areas of drama, humor, extemporaneous, broadcast, impromptu, discussion, prose, and poetry. Students meet with the speech coach during free periods and after school, and travel with the team to compete locally, statewide, and nationally, when the opportunity arises.

Chess Club

Students meet once per week after school to play chess and learn strategies. Students also have the opportunity to compete locally, statewide, and in national tournaments.