May Term


A long-standing Canterbury School tradition, May Term is held (not surprisingly) in May. During this two-week experience, students explore a myriad of incredibly fun elective mini-courses and internship opportunities.

Mini-courses are available to underclassmen, and they may be academic- or enrichment-based. Academic-based opportunities include a graded assessment and are closely tied to the school's core curriculum, while enrichment-based experiences include a pass/fail assessment and are offered in various forms and formats. Regardless of which they choose, all mini-courses cover unique subjects the traditional scheduling does not. Where else can you take a course on fencing or a class on solving a Rubik's Cube?

Seniors can participate in the mini-courses, or they can choose to complete an internship. Many choose to shadow Fort Wayne community professionals, artists, and leaders. Several seniors have secured summer jobs as a direct result of their internships and many others have majored in a related field.