Canterbury offers numerous opportunities for students to take on leadership roles. We believe that developing the characteristics of a good leader is an important part of a student’s overall educational experience.

During a typical school year, more than 100 students serve in defined leadership positions, and many more students find occasions to assume the role of a leader in other ways. Some students take on highly visible leadership roles, while others work behind the scenes and lead by example. The overall goal is to provide opportunities for today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders – leaders who work for the common good of their communities.

Students develop leadership skills and beliefs about leadership through the values that are spoken about leadership and the values that are modeled by student and adult leaders in the school. Canterbury believes that leadership emerges from a willingness to assume responsibilities to carry out projects with integrity and a genuine desire to serve others and the school community. Many student organizations are very much student-led, with faculty advisors serving to cultivate student leadership roles within those organizations. Frequently students are the driving force behind school clubs, activities, and organizations.