Clubs and Activities

Students have the opportunity to develop their unique talents and interests through a range of clubs and activities available both during school and after school. Many students participate in math, science, literary, art, computer, and history competitions.

Below are a few of the clubs and activities students become may engage in throughout the school year:

Key Club

Key Club is an international, student-run service organization. Canterbury’s Key Club is the largest club in the High School and works with many service organizations in the Fort Wayne community, including Erin’s House, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

Junior Classical League

The Junior Classical League (JCL) works to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the credit our own culture owes to that of classical antiquity. The JCL at Canterbury School competes twice a year in Certamen meets (Latin-related quiz games) and attends the state convention in the spring at Indiana University.

Speech Team

Students have the opportunity to compete in speech meets in the areas of drama, humor, extemporaneous, broadcast, impromptu, discussion, prose, and poetry. Students meet with the speech team coach during free periods and after school.

Economics Challenge

Students compete as a team in a national competition testing their knowledge in a variety of economic topics. This activity is open to all grades.

Model United Nations

Model UN is a simulation of the real United Nations: Groups of students represent different countries. Nations then gather at a conference to create, debate and adopt or reject solutions to global problems put forth by each nation. Students develop skills in public speaking, debate, conflict resolution, critical thinking, and research. Each school year, they participate in at least two conferences.

Resource Committee

Throughout the school year, there are multiple opportunities for students to serve as ambassadors for the school. First among these opportunities is that of serving in the role of tour guide, but resource committee members help with multiple school functions at school and in the community.

Stock Market Club

The Stock Market Club aims to expose students to the world of stock trading. Students are given an online brokerage account (consisting of fake money) with which they can buy and sell stocks. At the end of the year, they determine who has finished with the most valuable portfolio. The club meets monthly to discuss stock market fundamentals and investment strategies.

International Student Organization

ISO meets roughly one time per month to celebrate a world culture. Usually some aspect of an ISO gathering centers around food, but in the end, the group aims to bring together students from vastly differently backgrounds.

"The Untitled Paper"

"The Untitled Paper" is an all-school, student-run newspaper distributed to the K-12 community. Students writes articles and take pictures outside of class time. All interested students are encouraged to participate. Juniors take on the role of assistant editors, learning Adobe InDesign to create and the newspaper layout. Seniors are eligible for editor positions, creating, assigning and editing articles for the eight issues published each year.


Students interested in creative writing meet weekly to share and critique poetry, stories and essays. In these workshops, students work together to give and receive constructive criticism to and from peers. The group forms the editorial staff for the High School’s literary/arts journal Mimesis and is responsible for edit and designing the journal for springtime publication.


Sententia is a magazine that showcases essays and articles that stem from thoughtful reflection and a genuine desire to share one’s thoughts. The content is determined by the interests of those who contribute.