Certificate Programs

Our unique certificate programs are designed for students seeking additional immersive learning opportunities to master real-world skills in an area of interest.

Each program offers an ambitious, sequential progression of learning, all in the company of other students who share the same goals. Through the Certificate Program, students are challenged to learn and apply new skills, and develop an area of expertise, that will prepare them for future success in their secondary degree programs and beyond.

The granting of a certificate acknowledges significant achievement not only in the particular program, but also in the full range of college preparatory activities. The Certificate Program and our teaching faculty can accommodate students with different perspectives, proficiencies, and academic and personal goals.


This certificate offers advanced studies and practical experiences in various technology specialties for students considering a degree in computer science or information technology. In addition to completing Advanced Computer Technology, Computer Science I and II, and a computer science elective, students must also complete an internship and capstone project.

Certificate Requirements

  • Intro to Computers – 1 Quarter (Required of all Freshman students)
    • Introductory course that explores hardware, software, web design, and programming
  • Advanced Computer Technology – 2 Semesters
    • Intermediate course that explores introductory programming, communication/networking, storage/databases, and graphic programming
  • College-level Programming Courses – 2 Semesters
    • Includes the option to complete dual-credit courses at Purdue University Fort Wayne
  • Technology Internship – 20 Hours, pre-approved
    • Allows students to gain exposure to possible project ideas and establish connections for project mentoring in an area of interest
  • Independent Capstone Project – 1 Semester
    • A self-determined, entrepreneurial project in which students work with faculty to identify a need involving computer technology, research solutions, prototype and implement a solution, and present the solution to a panel for support


This certificate provides numerous intensive, laboratory-based experiences, preparing students for STEM-focused careers. In addition to required Grades 9-10 science courses, students must complete an additional 8 credits in science, including two AP science courses; a comprehensive independent project; and a 40-hour internship.

Certificate Requirements

  • Grades 9 and 10 Chemistry and Biology Courses – 4 Semesters
  • Additional Science Courses – 8 Semesters
    • Must include two Advanced Placement science courses
    • The College Counseling team highly recommends students complete at least 2 semesters (1 year) of each: chemistry, biology and physics
  • Internship – 40 Hours, pre-approved
    • Must be completed by May of students' Senior year
    • Allows students to gain exposure to possible project ideas and/or to establish connections for mentoring in an area of interest
  • Independent Capstone Project – 1 Semester
    • A self-determined project in which students work with faculty on a STEM-related topic


This certificate allows students to collaborate with fine arts faculty advisors to develop a unique program based on individual interests, like music advocacy, writing the Canterbury Lower School musical, student-directed programs and more. Requirements include six semesters of Honors-level courses for a specialist certificate or 10 semesters of fine arts courses for a generalist certificate, a comprehensive independent project, and an internship or extended instruction program.


This certificate encourages a heightened awareness and understanding of diverse languages, cultures and development among students. Students must complete four years of one modern language and two years of a second language. They must also complete one course focused on contemporary international issues, participate in a qualifying cross-cultural immersion experience, and complete a comprehensive independent project related to a global issue.

Certificate Requirements

  • Required Grade-level Social Studies Courses – 6 Semesters
  • World Religions Course – 1 Semester
  • A Contemporary Issues Course – 1 or More Semesters
    • Could include AP European History, AP World History, History of Sub-Saharan Africa, Modern Middle East, The Rise of China, or another elective course
  • Modern Language Courses – 8 Semesters
  • Second Language Courses – 4 Semesters
  • Qualifying Cross-cultural Experience
    • Must be pre-approved and include a minimum of 12 days of meaningful interaction with people of another culture
    • Could include participation in the Indiana University Honors Program or IUPUI China Program, or Canterbury-organized travel opportunities like the French or Spanish Trips during Spring Break, the Japan Trip, or the Australia or Poland Exchange opportunities
  • Independent Capstone Project
    • A self-determined, 15-page research paper in which students explore an environmental, political, cultural, social, or economic issue with current global significance