Certificate Programs

Advanced Computer Technology Certificate

Offering advanced studies and practical experience in a wide range of technology specialties, the Advanced Computer Technology certificate program is designed for students considering a collegiate degree path in Computer Science or Information Technology.

Certificate Requirements

  • Intro to Computers – 1 quarter (required of all students)
  • Advanced Computer Technology – 1 year
  • College-level Programming Course – 2 semesters
  • Internship – 20 hours, pre-approved, technology internship
  • Computer Science Project – 1 semester, completion of an individual project


Intro to Computers

9th grade block class (required for all freshmen), 1-quarter

An introductory course exposing students to 4 broad topics, or “contexts”: hardware, software, web design, and programming.

Advanced Computer Technology

1-year elective, Pre-Req: Intro to Computers

An intermediate-level course which exposes students to advanced Computer Science principles and techniques. Students will gain experience with 4 broad topics, or “contexts”: introductory programming (involved in all subsequent topics), communication/networking, storage/databases, and graphic programming for control/simulations/games.

College-Level Programming

Dual-Credit, 2-semester electives, Pre-Req: Intro to Computers

Two college-level Java programming courses taught at Canterbury with the option for dual-credit with IPFW. During this course, certificate-seeking students will begin to plan and obtain approval for their computer science project.


Self-Organized, 20 hours, Requires pre-approval by department

The internship requirement allows certificate candidates to gain exposure to possible project ideas and to establish connections for project mentoring in an area of interest to the candidate. Active and continued participation beyond 20 hours is encouraged, but the expectation is that the candidate will do more observation, exploration, and learning during this internship time. Placements should be selected and organized by the student, and must be pre-approved by the department. Active employment in a technology environment may be considered for meeting this requirement.

Computer Science Project

Individual Project, 1-semester, Capstone course - for certificate candidates only.

A major, self-determined, entrepreneurial project in which students work with the teacher to identify a need, and then plan, prototype, test, and “sell” a solution or product. In other words the product would be a major project in which students: identify a need involving computer technology, research solutions, prototype and implement a solution, and present the solution to a panel for support (the entrepreneurial element). The projects are intended to be significant and could be things like a web application, game development, a robotic application, etc. Projects must be deemed completed by the department before receiving credit for this capstone requirement.

Advanced Science Certificate

Canterbury's Advanced Science Certification program is an intensive science path, preparing students for future studies and careers in STEM fields. The principal aim of the certificate program is to expose students to a variety of science disciplines, teaching them in-depth information and performing meaningful laboratory experiments. The required 40-hour internship and junior Independent Project allow students to continue their learning while using their extensive scientific knowledge. Certification is recorded on the student’s transcript.

Certificate Requirements

  • Required Grade 9 and 10 science courses in chemistry and biology
  • Additional 4 full years of science courses (6 years total), including 2 AP Science classes
  • An Independent Project
  • 40-hour Internship


Advanced Science Certificate Requirements – Begins with class of 2016

In addition to the required 9th and 10th grade science courses, students must complete an additional four full years of science (6 years of science total over their high school career), an Independent Project, and a 40 hour internship. The additional four years must include at least 2 AP Science classes.

Requirements beyond 9th and 10th grade science:

1. Four extra years of science coursework, 2 of which must be AP Science classes

  • AP Biology (1 year)
  • AP Chemistry (1 year)
  • AP Physics C (1 year)
  • Anatomy (1 semester)
  • Microbiology (1 semester)
  • Physics (1 year)
  • Horticulture (1 semester)
  • Organic Chemistry (1 semester)
  • DNA Science (1 semester)
  • Astronomy (1 semester)
  • Meteorology (1 semester)
  • Neurological Science (1 semester)
  • Engineering (1 semester)

Note: The College Counseling Office highly recommends that most students have at least one year in chemistry, biology, and physics during their time at Canterbury.

2. An Independent Project on an approved STEM topic (see Independent Project requirements)

3. A 40-hour internship in a STEM field (completed before May of Senior year)*

*Can be completed during the summertime

Global Studies Certificate

In his best selling book The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman argues that globalization has changed the way in which we view the world. A reality of life in the 21st Century is that we now deal on an almost daily basis with people from all over the planet. As a response to our living in an increasingly global society, Canterbury seeks to encourage students to gain a heightened awareness and understanding of diverse languages, cultures, and new developments related to globalization. While many courses within the formal curriculum connect learning to contemporary issues, the Global Studies Certificate is explicitly designed to guide and reward those students who seek to go beyond the scope of the formal curriculum in acquiring knowledge of global issues. In turn, we recognize formally those students who have broadened their knowledge in these areas as demonstrated by meeting the requirements outlined below.

Certificate Requirements

The completion of the following course work and experiences will meet the requirements of the Global Studies Certificate. Certification is recorded on the student’s transcript.

  • Required grade level Social Studies courses
  • Grade 10 World Religion
  • One or more courses in Contemporary Issues
  • Four years of one modern language
  • Two years of a second language
  • Qualifying cross-cultural experience
  • Independent Project


Expectations and Requirements

The completion of the following course work and experiences will meet the requirements of the Global Studies Certificate. Certification is recorded on the student’s transcript.

The course work requirements

In addition to our current required social studies courses and Grade 10 World Religion, all of which are foundational for such a program, students are required to take at least one of the following courses focused on contemporary issues: History of Sub-Saharan Africa, AP European History, AP World History, Modern Middle East, The Rise of China, or other elective that focuses on international issues.

Students are required to complete successfully four years of one modern language and two years of a second language.

Qualifying Cross-Cultural Experiences

Students are required to participate in an experience that demonstrates in-depth understanding of, or immersion in, a different culture.

  • IU Honors Program or IUPUI China Program
  • Canterbury organized travel opportunities:
    • Australia Exchange/Poland Exchange
    • French trip – spring break; Spanish trip – spring break
    • Japan trip
  • Other cross-cultural experience, outside of the United States, for a minimum of 12 days during which there is meaningful interaction with people of another culture, to be approved by the committee in advance.

Students will keep a journal or write a reflection paper of 3-5 pages demonstrating the insights that they have gained through their cross cultural experience.

Independent Project

Students are required to write a research paper with a minimum length of fifteen pages of text on an environmental, political, cultural, social or economic issue with current global significance. Students complete this requirement through the successful completion of the Independent Project.