High School

At Canterbury High School, students thrive on challenges.

As a result, daily life at the school is characterized by energy and engagement. We are committed to providing a strong college preparatory curriculum with a solid foundation in English, fine arts, foreign language, math, science and social studies. We also are dedicated to giving our students the ability to learn about, prepare for and experience the world beyond Fort Wayne through a global perspective.

Discover how we help your student thrive:


Dedicated and knowledgeable teachers demonstrate an unflagging belief in the ability of each student to achieve his or her highest level of success in the classroom, on stage, in the studio, on the fields, and in a variety of extracurricular activities.


Classes at the High School are intentionally small. Each grade level has five sections of approximately 16 students. The small class size allows for some of the most dynamic individual instruction and feedback anywhere in Allen County. For example, in the laboratory sciences, students are able to immerse themselves in hands-on experiments. In foreign language classes, all students participate actively each day. Writing instructors are able to personalize comments to identify strengths and areas in need of improvement.


Students are offered the opportunity to receive college credit though Advanced Placement examinations in 14 subjects and through dual enrollment courses.


In our 1-to-1 technology environment, students have many opportunities to use technology AND to apply their digital skills to real world applications. Our hope is that students will acquire the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to be life-long learners.


Throughout the High School years, students are encouraged to develop a greater sense of responsibility and independence in confronting both academic challenges and moral decisions. Student leadership opportunities prepare Canterbury students to serve both the Fort Wayne community and their world.


Students have the opportunity to participate in strong athletics programs and extracurricular activities. Many students go on to compete on a state and national level. Perhaps more importantly, athletics, the arts and extracurricular programs stress participation, allowing all students to discover and develop special interests and talents for lifelong enjoyment. Finally, crucial ethical questions are raised in an environment both committed to and supported by the principles of the Christian faith.


Excellence is defined by finding a passion for learning, leading, and contributing to school life. Through the help of the advisory program and highly knowledgeable college counselors, 100 percent of the students gain admission to a college that is a good fit for each student's interests and life goals.

Artist. Athlete. Scholar.

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