Signature Programs

At Canterbury School, we've designed programs for each grade level that focus on discovery and exploration, growth and challenges, and the opportunity for students to change their community and their world.

Early childhood is a time of discovery and hands-on learning, as young children develop key social and emotional, language, sensory and motor, and creative skills that lay the foundation for success in the classroom and in life. Our Signature Programs foster these skills, as young students explore they many new and exciting worlds around them.


Canterbury Kids: Exploring New Worlds

Young children explore a new world the moment they cross the classroom threshold and enter the exciting world of school – a time to learn, experience growing freedoms, and develop wonderful friendships. Teachers continue this theme of exploration throughout the year, as children learn to perform in front of an audience with the Holiday Angel Band and the spring Hungry Caterpillar performances. Canterbury Kids also venture into the community as they experience Field Studies on the big yellow school bus. Students are introduced to library time, authors and illustrators. Additionally, gymnastics, loft-time, tea parties and optional play centers complete their new world experience.


Cavaliers: The Natural World

Cavaliers are natural explorers, full of curiosity and a love of learning, and excited to explore the natural world. With several field studies to outdoor locations, and monthly outdoor lessons with Garden Girl in Lili’s Garden, children discover the natural world through seasons, animals, weather, plants, gardening and helpful insects. Cavaliers go on nature walks, take a trip to a dairy farm, and prepare for a Thanksgiving Feast. Students learn about where they live and explore the globe, with special focus on penguins and the South Pole. The Jurassic era is introduced as children learn about dinosaurs of long ago. By the end of the year, Cavaliers have come to appreciate our natural world and learned how each part relates to another.


Junior Kindergarten: The Geographical World

Pack your suitcase, and board the Junior Kindergarten Express, as we explore the geographical world around us. Our travels begin undersea, where we learn about oceans and what lies beneath. Then, we journey through America, learning about different landforms, and continue to Africa and France, discovering the people and cultures of these two fascinating places. Throughout the year, we meet Georgia O’Keefe, Anansi, Claude Monet and many other international figures. Junior Kindergarten lessons offer children a unique passport to the world.


Kindergarten Prep: The Artistic World

As Kindergarten Prep makes a stop on every continent, we learn about the lives, languages, customs and art of people around the world. The Artistic World opens students' worlds of viewing and creating art. Students study 16 different artists, creating their own masterpieces in the artists' respective styles and confidently using a variety of media. Along the way, they also learn how to identify and critique art. The program culminates with an art show, displaying students' work. Through art, students build a confident foundation in math, physics, spatial awareness, composition, balance and creativity.