College Bound Signature Program

Discover. Aspire. Achieve.

The college search is an important milestone in every Canterbury student’s emerging adulthood, and the college admissions world is increasingly complex. Canterbury recognizes that the need for college guidance could not be higher, and we provide our students with the time and support to navigate this process successfully.

From the very first years of Canterbury’s High School division, a college trip has been a featured experience.  Every fall we pause our academic work for Grade 11 students and take a week-long college trip to a different area of the country within a daylong drive from Fort Wayne. The college counseling team uses this trip to create visit experiences for our students at an expansive variety of colleges in the region we are visiting.  This trip offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to see firsthand how the academic offerings and campus culture differ dramatically from one campus to another, and to see colleges in a variety of settings ranging from urban to rural to college towns. As we travel from campus to campus, students begin to formulate the criteria which will drive their college search.

The college trip is followed by a year-long College Bound seminar which meets once per week from the middle of Grade 11 through the fall of Grade 12 . In the College Bound seminar students learn the essential elements of the college application process are guided through their work on their application materials. Canterbury’s college counselors also provide individual counseling for students and families, helping chart a course that will shape each student’s future.

Meet our team

Brian Estrada
Director of College Counseling

Marie Elena Lyon
Assistant Dir. of College Counseling

Magda Stephens
Registrar / College Counselor