College Bound Signature Program

Learning about and visiting a variety of colleges and universities is an important part of the college counseling and admission process.

As Canterbury students prepare for college, several key elements supplement the curriculum. One such element is the College Bound class. Students complete 18 assignments that prepare them the college application process during their senior year. These assignments include everything from learning the difference between a college and a university to crafting a college essay.

Another key component is the week-long sophomore college trip, where students visit a representative variety of colleges in a selected region for their initial college selection process. This trip offers an unparalleled opportunity for students to see firsthand how the college experience differs dramatically from one institution to another. As they travel from school to school, students generate lists of criteria for their individual college searches.

The trip is followed by a year-long course, meeting once a week, called College Bound. Here, students learn essential elements of the college application process. Canterbury’s college counselors provide individual counseling for students and families, helping chart a course that will shape each student’s future. As a capstone to College Bound, and an introduction to the academic rigor of college life, many students undertake a scholarly Independent Research Project, which they present and defended before a panel of experts.

Meet our team

Brian Estrada
Director of College Counseling

Marie Elena Lyon
Assistant Dir. of College Counseling
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