ACT Test Preparation

Our students have big college dreams, and we want to help them feel relaxed and prepared come test day so they can achieve their "personal best" on crucial test scores.

That's why we offer an ACT Test Preparation course for Canterbury High School juniors. The course begins with an ACT practice test – which is an official, previously released ACT exam – and it's administered according to the test proctoring regulations to simulate an actual test-day experience.

Then, we develop course content based on the ACT practice test scores. We do this to help students build on their academic and test-taking strengths, while also teaching new techniques to help them improve weaknesses. An overview of question types, approach methodologies and guessing guidelines is fully explored so students can become familiar with the ACT test format, saving valuable time during the actual examination. And, students spend an additional two hours per week on homework assignments that reinforce test-taking strategies and skills taught in class.

A comprehensive $200 fee covers instruction, textbooks and other resources. Classes are always limited so we can personalize the instruction, allowing students to get the most out of the ACT Test Preparation course.


Meet our team

Brian Estrada
Director of College Counseling

Marie Elena Lyon
Assistant Dir. of College Counseling
(260) 436-0746