Canterbury High School offers a test preparation course to help juniors prepare for the February 6 ACT. The course begins with an ACT test which will be administered according to the test proctoring regulations to simulate an actual test-day experience.

The test-prep course content will be tailored based on the results of the practice tests to help students build on their academic and test-taking strengths while also teaching techniques to help them address their test-taking weaknesses. Classes will be limited so that the instruction may be personalized. Students will become familiar with the test format, saving valuable time during the actual examination. An overview of question types, approach methodology, and guessing guidelines will be fully explored. Students should be prepared to spend at least two hours per week on homework assignments which will provide reinforcement of the test-taking strategies and skills taught in class. Additionally, students will use our on-line Test Preparation site to hone their specific weaknesses and translate them into strengths.


A comprehensive fee of $200 covers instruction, textbooks, and other supplies. The registration form is attached for your convenience. Students who register by December 14 will be guaranteed a spot. Students who register after that time will be added to the classes as space allows.

Contact Marie Elena Lyon, College Counseling Administrative Assistant.

(260) 436-0746 or


Saturday, January 9
8 a.m.-Noon Practice ACT

Sunday, January 10
3–5 p.m. Test Prep Lessons

Sunday, January 17
3-5 p.m. Test Prep Lessons

Sunday, January 24
3–5 p.m. Test Prep Lessons

Sunday, January 31
3–5 p.m. Test Prep Lessons