College Counseling


The Canterbury School College Counseling team is here for each student because each journey matters.

Colleges and universities across the country know Canterbury School as an exceptional school that prepares students for whatever lies ahead. Our college counseling team helps each High School student make college plans that meet their unique personal, social, academic and financial needs. And their mission is simple:

  • Help each student make good educational choices
  • Counsel each student through the college admission process
  • Support each student's submission of strong applications for admission

We begin the process freshman year, when our college counselors hold individual meetings with students and parents, and hold programs and workshops – educating everyone about the many pieces of the college puzzle. Each fall, we welcome college admission counselors to campus to meet and chat with interested students.

We also help students monitor and coordinate PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject and AP testing opportunities; financial aid, financial planning and scholarships; and summer opportunities for education and travel. They also play a significant role in the College Bound Signature Program.

Meet our team

Brian Estrada
Director of College Counseling

Marie Elena Lyon
Assistant Dir. of College Counseling
(260) 436-0746