Laughing Cavalier Special Focus Fund

At this year's Laughing Cavalier Gala Fundraiser, attendees had the opportunity to raise their bidding paddles during the live auction to help Canterbury division directors "Prepare for the Future." Everyone has the opportunity to give a gift to this year's Special Focus Fund.

As we prepare our students to enter an increasingly interconnected world, it is imperative that we provide our faculty and students with access to the types of hardware, software, and peripheral equipment that will broaden our students’ educational experiences, and expand their learning beyond the scope of what is traditionally possible in a classroom setting. Thoughtful and mindful use of technological and digital resources holds enormous potential for transforming the Canterbury experience for each of our students. Your gift is 100% tax deductible.

We recently asked donors, "Why do you love Canterbury?" Here is a sampling of their responses:

"Family atmosphere, fabulous teachers and education."

"Awesome opportunities for our kids!"

"Such a great community with caring faculty and families."

"I love that teachers teach from the viewpoint that students will be leaders."

"I love Canterbury because it truly feels like a family. The tender loving care my children receive from their teachers has given them confidence and a love for school."

"Many reasons, of course, but most importantly the outstanding education our boys receive."

"We love Canterbury for the unmatched education and culture our daughter will receive."

"The school community feels like family to us."

"Because my children have had such extraordinary educations."

"Because my kids love it and are happy to come to school every day."

"It has been a part of our family forever."

"The teachers provide a loving environment for the kids."

"The faculty and staff truly have a vested interest in instilling the academic, spiritual, and social virtues imperative in developing strong character and integrity in our young children."

"Cheers to an amazing group of educators that love and nurture our children beyond the walls of the classrooms."

"Canterbury provides an outstanding education. It is an asset to our community."

"We really enjoy the exciting learning environment at Canterbury. Thank you for supporting our school."

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