High School Parent-Teacher Conferences Online Form

High School Parent-Teacher Conferences will take place March 19-20. 

 Conference requests will be processed now through noon on March 18. 

Conferences are 15 minutes in length.

Please note that this form has required fields indicated by an *.  After clicking on the orange "submit" button at the bottom of the form, a notification will pop up that your form was "successfully submitted."

If this does not happen or if you have a problem submitting this form, please email the conference request information to ktodoran@canterburyschool.org

The website will also email you that your form was received. 

After receiving your request, Mrs. Todoran will email you, during her office hours, a confirmation with your conference schedule. If you do not receive a schedule by 3 p.m. March 18, please contact Mrs. Todoran.

High School Parent-Teacher Conference

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