Clubs, Activities and Trips

Robotics Club meets after school on Tuesdays.

Throughout the school year, Middle School students are involved in many activities through their academic courses. They also have the opportunity to become involved with clubs in their free time and to travel as a group.

  • Robotics Club
  • Speech Team
  • Knowledgemasters
  • Chess Club
  • Spelling Bee
  • Circle the State With Song

Other Activities

Middle School Musical

Students in grades 5-8 may participate in the annual Middle School musical. Tryouts take place in January, and the performance is staged in March. The cast and crew typically number 60-100 students.

Spirit 56

This series of social events provides students in grades 5 and 6 with opportunities to cheer on the 5/6 athletics teams. Events are held on various dates throughout the sports seasons and include a light supper, games and cheering.

7/8 Socials

Socials occasionally are held on Friday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m. for students in grades 7-8.

Fall Frenzy

This afternoon of games, food and fun for all fifth and sixth graders is held after school in October.

Snow Fest

This winter carnival is a fundraiser organized by the fifth and sixth grade advisories benefiting community organizations of their choice.

Student Trips

Students participate in a variety of field trips to special sites in Fort Wayne and beyond. Some trips have become part of the curriculum* and are sponsored yearly.

Grade 5  
Toledo Museum (fall)*

Philharmonic (April)*

Grade 6  
Cave exploration, southern Indiana (fall)*

Grade 7   
Camp Tecumseh (three days/two nights in the fall)*

Grade 8   
Washington D.C. and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, (four days in the fall)*

Grades 7/8           
France or Mexico - (alternating years/nine days at Thanksgiving)

Grades 5-8           
Middle School Ski Trip (winter, one day)