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T he Middle School is every bit as active as the High School when it comes to athletics. Students, faculty and parents fill the gym and athletics fields to cheer on the teams and to support individual athletes. Because our athletics program differs from most middle schools by being all-inclusive, it is typical to have 80-90 percent of a grade level participate in a sport over the course of a school year.

Participating on a team teaches many skills besides that of a sport. Students learn to balance their schedules, time management, team work, leadership and confidence. They also learn early on the importance of physical activity as a lifelong health habit. And, they have fun.

Grades 5-6: The emphasis is on the benefits of participation, which include social growth, team concepts, exposure to the athletic environment and enjoyment. We use the acronym EARNS for these grade levels:

No Nonsense

Grades 7-8: The emphasis will be placed upon the development of athletic skill, including individual skills, team strategies and roles within a team. We use the acronym EARNS for these grade levels:

No Nonsense