Lower School

Canterbury Lower School provides an atmosphere of enthusiasm and excitement for learning. Students in Kindergarten through fourth grade learn that everything is interesting and everything is possible.


  • Kindergarten - Grade 4
  • 253 students
  • 31 faculty
  • 3 classrooms per grade level
  • 16-18 students per class

Daily Schedule

7-8 a.m.
Extended Day Care 7-8 a.m.

8:05 a.m.-3:10 p.m.
School is in session

8:15 a.m. (8:45 a.m./Wed.)

Chapel begins

Snack (times vary by grade)

11 a.m.-12:20 p.m.


Morning/Afternoon Recess

3:10-6 p.m. (5:30 p.m./Fri.)
Extended Day Care



    Canterbury teachers are not normal - they are "super" (super heroes...).

    Personalized learning is at the heart of the classroom.

    The Lower School years are an exciting time for our students and their families. Our small class sizes allow classroom teachers to personally guide students in becoming independent thinkers, problem solvers and collaborative learners. They give students every opportunity to express initiative and creativity. Here, students are active and engaged throughout the school day. 

    Our specials classes (foreign language, drama, art computers and more) are led by extraordinary teachers who are life-long learners. They are committed to the design and implementation of cutting edge curricula. They are experts, artists, scientists, actors, musicians, linguists, authors and technology specialists who have chosen the teaching profession to enrich the curriculum for all Lower School students.

    Students are immersed in a variety of experiences. They study a foreign language, participate in drama productions, design and engineer robotics projects, craft unique clay sculptures, and experiment with polymers that make goop and Oobleck. 

    The world is our classroom.

    Beyond the classroom many experiences, such as field trips, virtual tours and pen pals, strengthen and enhance all that happens within the curriculum. Each field trip is carefully planned, and students in each grade level are prepared in advance for the learning that will take place. Follow-up experiences solidify the learning in the minds of children and make connections to real life.

    Shaping our children's moral destiny.

    Daily Chapel gatherings and the Virtue of the Month program provide the opportunity to strengthen the character of each child, to support and enhance the values held by Canterbury families and to round out the education of the whole child.

    Today's media-saturated world offers many challenges to parents. Our nurturing environment and character development programs are intertwined to provide strength and support for our families as they raise their children. Lower School truly is a place where children spread their wings and learn to fly!