Bangladesh Project

For the past 11 years Canterbury Lower School has supported All God’s Children and Light the World School in Bangladesh. The school in Bangladesh was finishing its first year with a hand full of children when a Canterbury parent told Ramona Fisher, LS/MS religion teacher, about the school. Rose, a woman from Bangladesh had won a lottery to come and make a new life in America. Lisa Duff, a Fort Wayne resident, helped Rose start her new life in America. But once in America, Rose could not forget the poor children in her native country. She had a dream of starting a school for those children. She gave up her right to live in America and with the help of Lisa Duff went back to Bangladesh to start a school.

Over the past 11 years Canterbury Lower School has raised $10,550 for this school in Bangladesh. Every year Lisa speaks in Chapel and gives the students an update on the school. It is wonderful that Canterbury students are helping children on the other side of the world have a better life.