Independent Projects

This student's independent project was inspired by her service experience in Jamaica.

It is a lot of work, but juniors will tell you that having an independent project as part of your portfolio makes an impact in the college admission process. They will also tell you how much they grew from the experience.

The goal of the Independent Project is to encourage motivated students to pursue an area of study in depth. The end-result is a research paper and a presentation. The students must demonstrate their acquired knowledge and/or skills before a group of experts from the school and the community.

The research component is comprised of scholarly work on the part of the student and independent work that the student can pursue during free time. At a minimum, students complete a scholarly essay and an annotated bibliography. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor throughout this six-month process.

Students are working on the following Independent projects this year:
  • Evolutionary Genetic Algorithms
  • The Media and Presidential Election
  • Mythology
  • The Psychology of Growing Old
  • The Effects of Poverty on Deforestation and the Depletion of Resources
  • 1960's Counter-culture
  • Separation of Church and State: the 1st Amendment & Religion/History of the City of Charleston during the Revolutionary Era
  • Community Service Efforts in Jamaica
  • The Rise of the Mon Civilization
  • Group Theory
  • The Poetry of T. S. Eliot Humanism in the Works of Vonnegut
  • Food: How It Affects Us
  • The Evolution of the Literary Figure of the Devil