Global Studies Certificate

Is the world flat? Based on their exposure to many cultures, research into world issues and opportunities to help those in need in other countries, Canterbury students would say, “Yes.”

Students traveled to Costa Rica. During their stay they helped repair a school and community center.

Because of the ongoing interest of students and the importance of growing up understanding how we each impact the world around us, the school implemented a Global Studies Certificate Program in 2007. Participating students receive the certification at graduation. Certification is contingent on both the successful completion of the requirements and a review by the Global Studies faculty committee. Certification is recorded on the student’s transcript and makes an impact on the college admission process.

In addition to our current required social studies courses and sophomore religion course, all of which are foundational for such a program, students are required to take at least one of the following courses focused on contemporary issues: Globalization, Third World Problems, The Middle East, The Rise of China, Japanese History or Environmental Science.

Students are required to complete successfully four years of one modern language and two years in a second language.

Additionally, students are required to participate in an experience that demonstrates in-depth understanding of or immersion in a different culture. The may do so through a variety of experiences such as the following:

  • IU Honors Program
  • Australia Exchange
  • Poland Exchange
  • French trip
  • Mexico trip
  • Costa Rica trip
  • Italy trip
  • Future Japan trip
  • Approved missions trips (e.g. El Salvador with Samuel Melo)
  • Hosting a foreign exchange student

Students also must participate actively in at least one of the following extracurricualar activities and demonstrate the ways in which participation has global emphasis.

  • Model UN
  • Just Earth
  • International Culture Club
  • Foreign Language Clubs
  • Junior Classical League
  • Speech Team, especially in international topics
  • Global Youth Leadership
  • Writing relevant articles for the Untitled Paper or Sententia

Students also must complete independent study. They are required to write a research paper on an environmental, political, or economic issue with global significance. They may complete this requirement through the Junior Independent Project.