Advisor Program

The Canterbury High School advisor program was developed to ensure each student receives the individualized attention necessary to become a successful college preparatory student and to promote the shared values of the Canterbury community.

Advisors serve as a resource for the students, parents and faculty. The advisor's primary goal is to serve as the facilitator in the total development of each student in his or her intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth. It is the advisor's responsibility to monitor, guide and support the advisee in the entire educational process: academics, student life and student conduct.

Ninth-grade students are assigned to an advisor by the director and the freshman dean. Upperclassmen indicate their first, second and third choice of advisor in the spring for the following school year. The director and deans assign each student an advisor based on his or her choices and availability.

Advisors will contact the parents of their advisees at the beginning of each semester. Parents are encouraged to contact advisors with questions or concerns regarding their student as well.