Canterbury Foundation

The Canterbury Foundation is a nonprofit corporation founded with the purpose of stewarding the endowment for Canterbury School. The Canterbury Foundation is governed by a board of directors, currently consisting of nineteen members, who are appointed by the Canterbury School Board of Trustees. The primary responsibility of the foundation is to manage and grow the endowment in support of the school’s mission and programs.

Current Canterbury Foundation trustees include Hollis T. Bierman, Timothy S. Borne, William R. Cast, Druscilla S. Doehrman, Carl J. Gehres, Robert W. Godley, Jonathan M. Hancock, George B. Huber, Anne M. Karr, John F. McMillen, Janet W. Paflas, Michael V. Parrott, Frances M. Pasalich,  Richard S. Rifkin, Michelle M. Rousseff Kemp, Gregg C. Sengstack, David A. Stewart, Kathleen M. Summers, Richard D. Waterfield and Peter C. Wilson.

The Canterbury Foundation telephone number is 260-407-3565.