Giving Levels

  • Founder's Club $10,000+
  • Canterbury Club $7,500+
  • Headmaster's Club $6,000+
  • Benefactors $5,000+
  • Patrons $3,000+
  • Friends of Canterbury $1,500+
  • Cavaliers $600+
  • Contributors  Up to $600 

Gifts of $3,000 or more are Leadership Gifts for the Canterbury Fund.

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Melinda Perry 
Director of School Development


"To you we give our loyalty completely."



Canterbury – like most independent schools – relies on voluntary gifts to the Canterbury Fund to help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of a Canterbury education.

The Canterbury Fund kicks-off October 1, 2014. 

By supporting the operating budget, the Canterbury Fund supports the educational experience of every Canterbury student. These funds are allocated to the most critical needs at all grade levels throughout the year in which they are pledged and paid.  

The consistent support of the Canterbury Fund each year is a remarkable statement of the commitment to Canterbury by Board members, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, parents of alumni and friends.

Participation is crucial to success and we'd like to thank everyone for taking responsibility for their role in the effort.

If you've already made a gift or pledge for the 2014-2015 campaign, please accept our most sincere thanks. If not, please join us today and click here to give a gift online or a pledge online.

The Canterbury Fund is a great opportunity for all of us to express our ongoing support for the school and its mission.




*Page from our Canterbury Fund brochure - donors and supporters from last school year were listed and are referenced in the copy below.

Canterbury Fund Co-Chairs
Your Canterbury Fund Co-Chairs
Dear Parents, Alumni, Faculty and Friends,

If you were to ask 10 people what loyalty means, you would receive 10 very different answers.  By definition, loyalty means one's complete support of someone or something.  To our children, loyalty is a friend on the playground, a devoted teacher, or the helping hand of a carpool or lunchroom volunteer. It is also the familiar refrain of their beloved school song -- to you we give our loyalty completely.  

I think loyalty is staying committed to a group of people to whom you feel connected.  I have loyalty to my family, to my school, and to my teammates," remarked one Canterbury Middle School student.  To one Canterbury High School student, "I think loyalty is being true to yourself and being true to the people who are close to you.  Living in a way that would not let them down or let yourself down." To High School Director, Bob Schantz, loyalty is "the idea that Canterbury is built on the shoulders of a lot of parents who believed in the school and they had to be loyal to a vision, loyal to a dream.  We still see that happening.  It is a partnership and it means that we all need to pull together to keep it working." 

As a member of the Canterbury community one of the greatest acts of loyalty to our school and to our students you can make, is a financial contribution to the Canterbury Fund.  Annual donations ensure that all students in every division of the school have access to the best college preparatory education in northeast Indiana.  Each gift is judiciously directed to the needs of teachers and students.  Every gift is valued, necessary, and thoughtfully utilized.

The Canterbury community has shown its loyalty by consistently sharing of its time and resources for the past 37 years.  It is this devotion that continues to set us apart, and for which, we continue to say...thank you for your loyalty.  In turn, we continue to prove to each student -- to you we give our loyalty completely. 

Hope Huber
Laurie Spindler
Sue and Matt Wojewuczki