Giving Levels

  • Founder's Club $10,000+
  • Canterbury Club $7,500+
  • Headmaster's Club $6,000+
  • Benefactors $5,000+
  • Patrons $3,000+
  • Friends of Canterbury $1,500+
  • Cavaliers $600+
  • Contributors  Up to $600 

Gifts of $3,000 or more are Leadership Gifts for the Canterbury Fund.

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Melinda Perry 
Director of School Development


Canterbury – like most independent schools – relies on voluntary gifts to the Canterbury Fund to help make up the difference between tuition and the actual cost of a Canterbury education.

By supporting the operating budget, the Canterbury Fund supports the educational experience of every Canterbury student. These funds are allocated to the most critical needs at all grade levels throughout the year in which they are pledged and paid.  

The consistent support of the Canterbury Fund each year is a remarkable statement of the commitment to Canterbury by Board members, parents, grandparents, faculty, alumni, parents of alumni and friends.


Participation is crucial to success and we'd like to thank everyone for taking responsibility for their role in the effort.

If you've already made a gift or pledge for the 2013-2014 campaign, please accept our most sincere thanks. If not, please join us today and click here to give a gift online or a pledge online.


 The Canterbury Fund is a great opportunity for all of us to express our ongoing support for the school and its mission.


Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,

While test scores, curriculum, college placement records, even athletic successes are often heralded as measures of a good school, the true touchstone of the quality of a school’s culture lies in relationships – the many bonds of friendship, respect, good will, and open hearts and minds that signal a community that cares.

At the core of such relationships is a commitment on the part of teachers to know each student well, and to value the variety of talents, contributions, and personalities that Canterbury embraces. Our accreditation visit last year captured this well as the team commended Canterbury for its “remarkable growth while simultaneously preserving the palpable warmth and intimacy of its small-school roots.”

Certainly Canterbury has enjoyed both growth and successes in abundance during its relatively short career, and we have been richly blessed in many ways. None of this would have been possible, though, without the vision and passion of its founders (many of whom are still actively involved in school life), the commitment of a uniquely talented and capable faculty, and the support and trust of many dedicated parents and friends. As I meet each year with alumni around the country, as I talk with parents whose children have graduated, and even as I spend time with teachers reflecting on their lives and roles at Canterbury, the central and common theme is of a place where deep and lasting relationships are formed. Again, the words of those who evaluated us last year ring true: “Despite its size, students and adults-alike still refer to the school as a family, and the deep affection and loyalty that characterize the best in families are plain to see at Canterbury.” 

Over the years, the Canterbury Fund has provided an opportunity for the many friends of the school to show their appreciation for what this school means to them – to say thank you, and at the same time to challenge us to do more, and to do things even better, creating that margin of excellence which makes for a great school. We are truly grateful for their support, and we accept the challenge, believing that Canterbury is a school that makes a difference, both in the lives of our students today and in the lives they will touch tomorrow.

And at the heart of all the relationships that sustain us as a school, we may each know with certainty, as the song says, that at Canterbury “There are friends to greet me.”


Jonathan Hancock