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Canterbury School
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Early Childhood

The Early Childhood years are wonder years. It is a time when children's minds are absorbing everything they see, do and hear. They are learning and discovering. We want to be a part of this special time in your child's life.


Canterbury offers four levels of Early Childhood instruction for children ages 2 to 5:

  • Canterbury Kids (age 2)
  • Cavaliers (age 3)
  • Junior Kindergarten (age 4)
  • Kindergarten Prep (age 5)
Plato said, “All learning begins with wondering.”

Our interdisciplinary units connect school life and real life. Countless daily experiences promote vocabulary and math enrichment. Words spoken lead to words written and read. Counting, measuring, comparing, collecting, sorting and classifying are ways we mix in everyday awareness of math concepts.

Movement is a sign of life. Children love to leave their mark.

Our students have active, rhythmic, musical and physically satisfying moments every day. Through painting, sculpting, designing, cutting and gluing, our young children need no prodding to fill their paper with their creativity.

Critical thinking in children looks like scientific investigation in adults.

Trying to make sense of one’s own day-to-day experiences requires the use of every known thinking skill. Through special classes; library, French, gymnastics, music, outdoor education and field trips learning extends beyond the classroom.

Experiencing it first hand provides children with an environment in which they are free to visit, see, touch, hike, taste, smell and tour.

 Even the most extreme biologist, was once a child catching lightning bugs.

Come visit. Let us become a part of your family.

Creative and loving teachers invite their students into rooms where they are welcomed and respected. They are “family.” They are a community working together, sharing, helping, and celebrating. Children feel safe, free to ask questions, make mistakes, make discoveries, and find ways to learn that give them the sweet taste of success. Communication with families is a high priority. Involved parents, successful kids.