Dear Summer Program Director:

Summer Camp Fair at Canterbury School will be held Sunday, January 19, 2014, from noon to 3 p.m. at the High School, 3210 Smith Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46804. This community-wide event is a great opportunity to bring together camp organizations and groups offering summer activities with prospective campers and their families. We hope you will join us in January 2014. 

The Camp Fair draws families from throughout northeastern Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and the country to learn more about the wonderful opportunities offered through your summer program. The fair has been a long-standing Canterbury School community tradition and is sponsored by the American Camp Association, Indiana. It is promoted via Facebook, Twitter, community websites, television and newspaper ads, news releases, neighborhood newspapers, fliers to schools and churches and at area organizations and to the Canterbury School community of about 700 families, just to name a few.

Please fill out the online form below by November 15 to reserve your space. The  exhibit fee is $100 and is due by December 1. 

The exhibit space is 8 feet by 6 feet and includes a 6 foot table and table coverings if you need them. 

Visitors to the fair will be given a booklet detailing each camp, and hosts will direct and assist visitors. This nonrefundable fee also helps to cover the cost of our marketing efforts and production for the day’s events.

Space for participants is limited, so please make your reservations early. The information you provide with your registration will be used in preparing the booklet for Camp Fair visitors and will also appear on our website and other publications (such as newspapers and magazines) that regularly contact the school as a resource for camp information.


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