Positive Coaching Alliance

Canterbury School is part of the Positive Coaching Alliance which encourages “Double-Goal Coaches” – those who have not only the goal of winning, but also the goal of teaching young people life lessons and positive character traits through sports.

Coach Scott Kreiger

We Honor the Game

The athletics staff supports and practices the Positive Coaching Alliance principals to transform youth sports so that sports can transform youth. The goals include the following:

Redefining Winner

A winner is one who puts forth maximum effort, continues to learn and improve, and refuses to let mistakes or the fear of making mistakes be a deterrent.

Refilling the Emotional Tank

Encouragement and criticism should be delivered in a 5-to-1 ratio.

Honoring the Game

This means no rules are bent to win. A worthy opponent is viewed as a gift that calls forth players’ highest potential. Officials are treated with respect. Players never do anything to embarrass the team on or off the field. Additionally, players live up to their personal standards, regardless of others’ behavior.