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As extensions of the classroom, the athletics fields and courts at Canterbury create unique learning environments and development zones for student athletes. Our All-Inclusive Program puts an emphasis on maximizing individual effort as part of a team, where students are challenged to grow at their own pace, embrace common goals and strive for competitive success.

Canterbury vs. Northfield

Boy's Basketball

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All Inclusive Interscholastic Sports Program - Everyone Makes the Team

Athletics are an integral part of the educational program at Canterbury School, and athletic experiences are considered an extension of the educational environment.

The interscholastic sports program encourages individual participation and achievement by giving every student an opportunity to learn and play sports competitively.This policy of inclusion is at the core of Canterbury athletics. This differs from many schools and confirms Canterbury’s belief that involvement in athletics is a valuable experience, one that should be accessible to all students.

The formation of varsity, reserve and “c” teams and the use of squads where necessary will accommodate students of varying skill levels while attempting to create a positive experience for each student.

The interscholastic sports program at Canterbury is a spiraling program including students in grades 5-12. The school recognizes participation, skill development and competitiveness as valuable elements of the program.

High School

In grades 9-12, the competitive aspects of athletics are emphasized. The benefits to students include learning to implement advanced skills and tactics within team roles, the appreciation of success in team goals and the satisfaction that comes from working hard toward shared endeavors.

Middle School

Middle School athletics focuses on the benefits of participation for grades 5-6, which include social growth, team concepts, exposure to the athletic environment and enjoyment. For grades 7-8 the emphasis is placed upon the development of athletic skill - including individual skills, team strategies and roles within a team.

Athlete Development Zone and the Positive Coaching Alliance

Canterbury School is part of the Positive Coaching Alliance which encourages “Double-Goal Coaches” – those who have not only the goal of winning, but also the goal of teaching young people life lessons and positive character traits through sports.

"I love to watch you play!"

These are the six most powerful words you can say to your athlete, no matter the result of the game. This sentence has been become a staple among Canterbury families over the past year and is part of the PCA teachings. The athletics staff supports and practices the Positive Coaching Alliance principals to transform youth sports so that sports can transform youth. The goals include the following:

Redefining "Winner"

A winner is one who puts forth maximum effort, continues to learn and improve, and refuses to let mistakes or the fear of making mistakes be a deterrent.

Refilling the Emotional Tank

Encouragement and criticism should be delivered in a 5-to-1 ratio.

Honoring the Game

This means no rules are bent to win. A worthy opponent is viewed as a gift that calls forth players’ highest potential. Officials are treated with respect. Players never do anything to embarrass the team on or off the field. Additionally, players live up to their personal standards, regardless of others’ behavior.

Championship Seasons

High School Athletics State Records as of 2000


  • Girls Soccer - 1A State Champions


  • Girls Soccer - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Basketball - 2A State Runner-up, Darby Maggard - Mental Attitude Award
  • Girls Tennis - State Individual - Runner-Up - Leah Barnes


  • Girls Basketball - 2A State runner-up
  • Boys Golf - Individual Advanced to State - Michael Brothers


  • Boys Soccer - 1A State Champions
  • Boys Tennis - State Team 3rd place
  • Girls Basketball - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Tennis - State Individual - Runner Up - Leah Barnes


  • Boys Soccer - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Basketball - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Tennis - State Team 5th place, State Individual - Runner Up - Leah Barnes


  • Girls Basketball - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Track - State Individual Champion


  • Girls Basketball - 1A State Champions
  • Girls Track - State Individual Champion


  • Girls Basketball - 1A State Champions


  • Boys Soccer - State 3rd Place


  • Boys Soccer - State 3rd Place


  • Boys Tennis - State Individual Finalist


  • Boys Soccer - State Runner-up


  • Boys Soccer - State Champions


  • Boys Soccer - State 3rd Place

What is the All School Hoopla? It's kind of like homecoming for basketball. Canterbury families from all school divisions, alumni and their families, faculty and staff, friends and fans are all invited. You will have free admission to a hot dog and chili supper in the HS cafeteria Thursday, Dec. 8, from 5 to 7 p.m. As a special treat, basketball teams from Australia will be in town to play our boys and girls varsity teams. The girls play the HSE Emus at 6 p.m. and the boys play the HSE Kangaroos at 7:30 p.m.

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