N early 25 percent of Canterbury students play violin, viola or cello for the Middle and High School orchestras. Students also have the opportunity to perform in small ensembles and to compete at ISSMA.

Every student is introduced to strings (violin, viola and cello) in the third grade. The class meets once a week to concentrate on stringed instruments and once a week for general music. In fourth grade, students have a choice between continuing with the strings class or taking applied music.

Students may continue to study strings through Middle School, becoming members of the fifth-grade strings ensemble and then in grades 6-8 becoming part of the Middle School Orchestra.

In High School students become members of the Chamber Orchestra (an elective course). This performance-based ensemble focuses on stringed instruments, but also includes woodwinds and other instruments. Students take part in the Fall and Spring Concerts, participate in ISSMA and other performances in the community throughout the year.